Chery Omoda E5 Previewed In Malaysia, Launch Set For 2024

Chery has however not yet officially revealed how much its Omoda E5 will cost locally yet.

After showing it off to the Minister Zafrul recently, Chery Malaysia has subsequently previewed its upcoming Omoda E5 to members of the media and its dealer partners. The Chinese automaker has also revealed further details regarding its imminent launch window of Q1 2024, but unfortunately the price of this e-SUV will likely remain a mystery till then. 

It is nevertheless speculated however by various sources for this electric counterpart of the petrol-powered Omoda 5 to be priced somewhere in the region of RM 160,000 to RM 180,000. A price at its top end will incidentally put this slightly-larger Chery just slightly above the smaller BYD Atto 3, and just below the similarly-sized Tesla Model Y. 

Now as for more concrete information regarding this Omoda E5 meanwhile, Chery has during the preview officially stated for this e-SUV to be capable of a WLTP-claimed range of 430 km on a single charge from its 61 kWh battery pack. The Chinese automaker is also quoting for a maximum 80 kW DC input fast charging time from 30% to 80% in just half an hour, while its AC charging input peaks at 9.9 kW. 

As for what is powered by the batteries on the other hand, the Omoda E5 features a front-mounted electric motor with an output of 224 PS and 400 Nm of torque. Chery is currently claiming for a century sprint time of 7.8 seconds, and interestingly too a braking distance of 100-0 km/h in under 36 m. 

Other details discerned from the official preview includes the kit list that is to come with the Omoda E5 in Malaysia. On the outside, this e-SUV arrives locally from China with LED projector headlamps and a closed-off grille up front, 18-inch aero-style alloy wheels down its side and LED tail lights round its fastback-eque rear. 

Moving on inside, the Omoda E5 nets black leather upholstery and a 24.6-inch curved combination central infotainment and digital infotainment display screens. This Chery e-SUV also features several EV niceties like one pedal driving, keyless entry and automatic start, as well as a larger cubby in its centre console from its petrol-powered counterpart due to the absence of a transmission. 

In terms of active and passive safety now, the Omoda E5 bests its ICE counterpart by featuring a driver monitoring system in addition to its usual 16 other standard 16 ADAS functions. And while no one has likely asked for it, Chery has also provided this e-SUV with a whopping 10 driving modes that apparently is tailored to the ‘urban youthful lifestyles’. 

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