Chery Issues Service Campaign For Omoda 5 Rear Axle Defect

Chery Malaysia has identified for 600 units of Omoda 5s to be involved in this campaign.

Following on from their prior statement but a day ago, Chery Malaysia has since followed up on the recently viral case of an Omoda 5’s rear axle spontaneously disassembling itself with the issuance of a service campaign.

According to Chery Malaysia, this service campaign extends to 600 units of its Omoda 5 that has the same batch of axles as the one involved in the recent viral incident. Owners of the affected vehicles will be personally contacted by the manufacturer to schedule an appointment for a thorough inspection and replacement of the part in question, at the customer’s convenience.

In order to further build trust in the replacement process, Chery Malaysia has stated that it will be fully documenting and sharing with the owners the inspection and axle replacement process. The Chinese automaker has since also extended an offer to its existing customers who are not affected by the recall of a full (and fully complimentary) inspection of their vehicles, to further allay concerns that owners may have.

Chery Malaysia has stated that the axle replacement process should take around 2 hours to complete, with there also being some parts available in stock for an immediate replacement. The automaker has further stated that it is currently expediting the shipment of parts by air, such that all affected owners will be able to have this issue rectified in the quickest possible instance.

Owners are still apparently able to drive their affected Omoda 5s on the road too, with Chery Malaysia having stated that the viral incident was just an extreme isolated case. There has thus far also been no incidents reported regarding this defective part in other countries where the Omoda 5 is currently being sold.

Now it is worth highlighting here too that other Chery models are not to be affected by this defect, owing to the different rear suspension design. Even the all-electric version of the Omoda 5 utilises a multi-link setup, instead of the torsion beam unit in its petrol-powered counterpart.

It is also perhaps worth commending Chery Malaysia for its speedy action in tackling this viral problem. The Chinese automaker has after all identified, addressed and communicated this issue within a rather speedy (for the corporate world at least) 48 hours.

Having said that however, it is still not a good look for this fledgling company to have two rather high-profile vehicular incidents within a rather short span of time…

The full statement from Chery Malaysia regarding it’s recall campaign is as follows:

Chery Auto Malaysia is committed to providing safe and reliable transportation solutions, and we are dedicated to ensuring that all our vehicles meet the highest safety standards.

The customer-reported issue highlighted on Facebook recently was determined to be an isolated case. We have promptly addressed this concern by replacing the rear axle beam component and conducting comprehensive quality control tests on the affected vehicle. We can confirm that the matter has been successfully resolved.

Chery Auto Malaysia views this matter seriously as customer safety is our utmost priority. In ensuring that we provide full transparency and accountability we have reached out to the parts vendor and have done an in-depth analysis. We are now able to confirm that 600 vehicles are potentially affected due to the facility upgrade exercise.

As a precautionary measure, Chery Auto Malaysia will be reaching out to customers of the affected Vehicle Identification Numbers (VIN) for a detailed inspection to resolve all technical component issues.

We would like to reassure customers that no other vehicles are affected. Chery Auto Malaysia continues to focus on upholding the safety of our customers and ensuring their peace of mind. A website to cater to this precautionary measure will be in place for all OMODA 5 customers to confirm that their vehicles are not affected.

Customer satisfaction is our utmost priority. Chery Auto Malaysia is dedicated to ensuring we produce the best vehicles and deliver the best service to our customers.

For queries kindly contact the Chery Malaysia Customer Careline at +603- 2771 7070.

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