BMW Celebrated Christmas By Teasing An Upcoming M5 Touring

This upcoming M5 Touring will supposedly feature a 4.4-litre twin-turbo V8 PHEV powertrain. 

While many may have already found themselves a nice pair of socks under the Christmas tree, those who were at BMW’s over the festive period might have instead found something a little bit more exciting instead. Such is because the German automaker has recently ditched the traditional camouflage for wrapping paper, when it teased its upcoming M5 Touring over this holiday season. 

Decked in a suitably M-themed Christmas wrap and topped with a giant golden bow, the teaser video shared by BMW hints for this upcoming M5 Touring to net the expected sporty exterior accents. These include what-looks-to-be an aggressively angular front bumper up front and the usual M-style wing mirrors down its flank, in addition to a rather chunky rear bumper design at the rump of this long roof. 

Though the big news with this particular festive teaser is that with the closing message of “The Ultimate, Electrified M Power”, it essentially confirms that this upcoming M5 Touring will be a hybrid. And if the rumour mill is to be accurate, this sporty Bavarian wagon will feature under its hood a 700+ hp PHEV powertrain that consists of a 4.4-litre twin-turbo V8 and an electric motor. 

BMW has yet to officially provide a timeline on when this hot estate will be arriving, but given that the base wagon has yet to be unveiled, it is highly possible for this M-fied variant to only be officially available when Santa makes his return next year. If one doesn’t magically appear under the tree come 2024 too, getting one of these from the German automaker will likely require that deed to the platinum mine, just to cover its expected six-figure (in US dollar) price tag.  

There is nevertheless a silver lining in all this though, as this generation of M5 Touring is supposedly not to be as exclusive as its prior iterations. Production numbers of the E34-based super wagon was only to be a measly 891 units, whereas the V10-powered E61-generation was limited to 1,025 units.

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