BMW M Race Track Package For Reduced Weight

When you need increased dynamism from your BMW M.

Did you know that the one standout optional extra for the ‘M’ infused BMW is the bespoke M Race Track Package that is designed to maximize the performance experience.

The optionally available M Race Track Package brings a carefully targeted reduction in vehicle weight. This package includes the M Carbon roof as well as ‘M’ Carbon bucket seats for the driver and front passenger, with interior trim strips in Carbon Fibre finish adding an exclusive touch to the new BMW M2 cockpit.


The performance experience is also raised another notch by the inclusion of the M Driver’s Package, which increases the car’s electronically limited top speed from 250km/h (155 mph) to 285km/h (177 mph). In keeping with the performance upgrade, track tyres are also available as an option.


Interestingly, as the new BMW M2 is fitted with M Drive Professional as standard, drivers are also able to select the TRACK mode designed purely for driving on race circuits, which fully deactivates the assistance systems.


SPORT and TRACK modes both reduce the content shown in the information display and Head-Up Display to the information relevant to sporty driving.

Various readouts can be called up too on the left of the information display, including charge pressure and coolant temperature, tyre pressure and tyre temperature, or longitudinal and lateral acceleration.

Added fun out on the track: M Laptimer, M Drift Analyser

As well as M Traction Control and TRACK mode, M Drive Professional also includes the M Laptimer and M Drift Analyser functions, which likewise serve to maximise driving pleasure during outings on the track.

The M Laptimer records both the current lap time and the time difference compared with the fastest lap around the circuit during the current session.

The M Drift Analyser helps the driver to sharpen their high-speed cornering skills using deliberate oversteer and precise counter-steering, making a note of the duration, distance and angle of the driver’s latest drift.




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