Maserati MC20 To Feature Bespoke Bridgestone Tyres

Custom Bridgestone Potenza tyres to be seen on this new Maserati flagship. 

Bridgestone has just announced that it will be the exclusive tyre supplier for Maserati’s new mid-engined ‘super sports’ car, the Maserati MC20. A set of bespoke Bridgestone Potenza high performance tyres will be wrapped around the wheels of this new 630 hp V6 Italian supercar. 

Like most modern performance tyres, these bespoke Potenzas will feature ‘an asymmetric tread design for enhanced steering response and cornering stability’. What is new though on these Bridgestones will be the thread compound that is claimed to enhance its grip on the road. An internal crown structure that distributes the tire’s footprint pressure is also featured in these new bespoke tyres. 

According to the Japanese tire manufacturer, these new tires developed in conjunction with Maserati were ‘fully developed, tested and manufactured in Europe’. Bridgestone claims that thanks to its virtual tyre modelling technology, the development time on these bespoke tires were able to be drastically reduced. A feat similar to what is achieved by the astounding 24-month development schedule of the new Maserati MC20. 

Seeing that tyres are the only four contact patches between the road and the vehicle, having specially developed tires will greatly improve the performance of the car. Especially since development of the car can be tailored to that specific tires. A fact which many a sports car and supercars can attest to. Now it just remains to be seen if the new V6 Maserati is as good as the rest of these supercars, something we’ll find out when it rolls of the Modena production line at the end of this year.  

PRESS RELEASE: Bridgestone has been selected as the exclusive tyre supplier for the MC20, Maserati’s new super sports car. This collaboration between two industry leaders conquers new ground, with Bridgestone enhancing the incredible capabilities of Maserati’s new MC20 through the development of premium, custom-engineered Potenza tyres. 

Pushing the boundaries of performance 

In the development phase of its astonishing, new MC20, Maserati required a premium sports tyre that could deliver exceptional performance. Bridgestone, Maserati’s long-term partner, answered the brief and transformed it into reality with tailor-made Potenza tyres. 

The MC20 showcases Maserati’s latest technical and engineering innovations and marks a generational shift in performance over previous models. Bridgestone has played a significant role in improving the MC20’s high performance capacity with its bespoke Potenza tyres, which feature an asymmetric tread design for enhanced steering response and cornering stability, a newly developed tread compound that enhances grip, and an internal crown structure that distributes footprint pressure evenly when cornering. Combined, these elements provide a high-performance tyre which delivers an optimum mix of control, speed and stability that improves the supercar’s overall performance.

Motorsports triumphs born in Italy 

The long-term partnership between Bridgestone and Maserati has roots in motorsports racing history. Bridgestone’s Potenza tyres were born from a long association with Formula One racing, while the MC20 marks a return to Maserati’s racing roots. Achieving incredible results both on and off the track is part of both company’s pioneering DNA. 

Both Bridgestone and Maserati used in-house R&D centres and ground-breaking virtual development technology to develop and test the new MC20 and its bespoke tyres. Through its proprietary virtual tyre modelling technology, Bridgestone also reduced the length of the development process, limiting its environmental impact by using less resources and cutting the project’s time to market. This contributed to a more efficient process, with the MC20 design produced in approximately 24 months. For both industry-leaders, incorporating innovative, sustainable technologies is a top priority, with an electric variant of the MC20 planned to go to market in the near future. 

Speaking on this announcement was Steven De Bock, VP Consumer Replacement and OE at Bridgestone EMIA: “Fully developed, tested and manufactured in Europe, these custom- designed Potenza tyres have been designed to meet the high demands of Maserati. Collaborating once again with Maserati, we developed a specially engineered Potenza tyre that enables Maserati’s MC20 to deliver on its power, control and sporting capabilities.” 

“The MC20 project is the latest chapter in the pioneering relationship between Bridgestone and Maserati. We both share the same passion for innovation and excellence, and want to offer to our customers premium products that deliver outstanding results. Both designed in Italy, the new Maserati MC20 and bespoke Bridgestone Potenza tyres are the perfect match for each other. Bridgestone engineered a sports tyre capable of supporting and enhancing the incredible performance of the MC20” said Federico Landini, Maserati Vehicle Line Executive sports cars. 

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