Audi TT Bows Out With One Final Gorgeous Green Flourish

The Audi TT Roadster Final Edition nets a custom green hue with a grey convertible top. 

After three generations, Audi has finally decided to put its TT sports car out to pasture. But with this being the sports car that brought some spice back into the German automaker’s lineup in the turn of the millennium, its imminent demise is of course to be commemorated with one gorgeous roadster-only final edition. 

Dubbed rather appropriately as the TT Roadster Final Edition, the main distinguishing feature of send-off special its its Audi Exclusive Goodwood Green Pearl paint. A subtle nod to the first generation model which offered this colour as an option back then, this custom hue is then to be complemented by a grey convertible top, that in itself evokes the 20th Anniversary special edition of this sports car. 

Similarly grey meanwhile are the bumper trims and side profile accents that come as a package with the S line exterior — a first to be offered on this third-gen roadster, but Audi has funnily enough removed all the S line badging to apparently increase its exclusivity. In any case, featured on this Final Edition are also TTS-spec 20-inch 10-Y-spoke forged alloys and a 10 mm reduction in ride height courtesy of the Audi magnetic ride system. 

Moving on inside, this Final Edition once again calls back to its debut iteration by featuring a Palomino Brown cabin that apparently mimics the first generation’s iconic baseball stitch upholstery. Unique too within the cabin of this send-off special are some custom floor mats with brown piping, in addition to carbon fibre interior inlays that replace the standard aluminium items. 

Now according to Audi, the model name “TT” is reminiscent of the legendary Tourist Trophy on the Isle of Man – one of the oldest motorsports events in the world where Auto Union brands, NSU and DKW, celebrated great successes with their motorcycles. NSU would later use the TT nomenclature to commemorate the brand’s historic race championship on its sporty small car – the TT Prinz. 

Unfortunately however, the TT Roadster Final Edition still only nets the stock turbocharged 2.0-litre four-cylinder engine that pumps out 228 hp and 350 Nm of torque. Though paired with a 7-speed dual-clutch transmission and the ubiquitous Quattro all-wheel drive, this little sports car can still perform the century sprint in just 5.5 seconds.

Interestingly enough also for a car that captured the world’s attention when it first burst onto the scene in 1998, this gorgeous green swan-song is only to be a US-exclusive special. Moreover, only 50 units of the Final Edition will ever be made, with each of them going for a substantial $67,800 (RM 320,000) too. 

International TT fans need not be too concerned however about this limited production run, as apparently Audi will be also making a custom send-off special for each of its major markets. Japan for instance has recently unveiled 100 bronze-on-white TTS Memorial Edition coupes, with the United Kingdom getting its own black-accented Final Editions a while back too, but sadly no word yet on a Malaysia-centric one yet though…

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