Allianz Reminds Motorists Of Special Perils Cover Amid Recent Storms

Damage from falling trees is to be covered under Allianz’s Special Perils rider on their motor insurance policy. 

While city landscaping and lush trees are always a welcome sight to many Malaysians, the recent incidents (plural!) of trees falling as a result of thunderstorms within the Klang Valley region have put the public on high alert after reports of multiple damaged vehicles as a result of these toppled trees.

It is therefore during these occasions then that special perils coverage on one’s insurance policy might be possibly quite the prudent rider for most motorists should consider ticking, with Allianz General Insurance Company (Malaysia) Berhad CEO Sean Wang recently reaffirming such a sensible suggestion.

“Thunderstorms, tempest and resulting floods can occur at any time of the year and is no longer a phenomenon only during the monsoon season. The havoc it can wreak is massive, as seen with the tree fall incidents recently that have effectively written off many cars,” said Sean.

“Without a Special Perils cover, you are exposed to the risk of absorbing the full liability of the natural disaster event. This is really the worst-case scenario in which your asset is gone but you may still have to continue your hire purchase instalment with the bank.”

“Special Perils should be a rule of thumb these days. For a small add-on fee, you are protected against instances such as flood, typhoon, tempest, landslide, or any other convulsions of nature.” continued Sean.

Allianz Car Flash Floods Claims

According to Allianz General, special perils is covered under their Private Car Comprehensive insurance policy to insure against tree-fall damage due to storm and tempest. The insurance provider also urges the public to consider a Personal Accident insurance coverage to protect themselves against bodily injuries, disabilities or death caused by accidents during this time of adverse weather.

For those who wishes to add on Special Perils coverage or purchase Personal Accident insurance, Allianz General states to contact your servicing agent for further information on the policies available.

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