BYD’s New Qin L Promises Up To 2,100 km Of PHEV Range

This new Qin L also lands in China with an incredibly low starting price of just 99,800 yuan (RM 65,000). 

While BYD is perhaps best known for its EVs, the company has also been going big on its PHEVs too. And this is none more so evident with its recently revealed Qin L, which featuring its new 5th generation DM system, could apparently see this PHEV sedan achieve up to 2,100 km on a full tank and charge.

Detailing more on this impressively efficient powertrain here, the ICE portion of this PHEV setup comprises of a 1.5 litre naturally-aspirated engine outputting 99 hp and 126 Nm torque. The EV portion on the other hand sees for lower-spec variants to feature a 10.08 kWh LFP battery and an 120 kW drive motor, while the higher-end trims bumps the motor and battery specs to 160 kW and 15.874 kWh respectively. 

BYD currently claims for the lesser specs of Qin L to be capable of 80 km of fully-electric driving, while higher-end trims be achieving 120 km. What the automaker is more interested in touting though with the specs featuring the larger battery is for its AI energy consumption management to achieve an average fuel consumption of 2.9 l/100 km, and the aforementioned 2,100 km on a full tank and charge.

Discussing other figures now, the Qin L is approximately slots between the Civic and Accord in terms of its dimensions, with it measuring 4,830 mm in length, 1,900 mm in width and 1,495 mm tall with 2,790 mm wheelbase. This PHEV sedan features MacPherson suspension at the front, while a new E-type four-link independent suspension setup is found at the rear. 

The Qin L comes as part of the wider Dynasty series of BYD models, with it featuring a new national wave dragon face highlighted by a wide chromed-pinned frameless grille. Traditional pull-style door handles are to be found along its fastback-esque side profile, while its rear is finished off by a full width rear light bar in a design that the automaker says are inspired by traditional Chinese knots. 

Said knot elements further make an appearance on the air vents on this Qin L’s dashboard, with BYD claiming for its general interior design inspiration coming from traditional Chinese landscape paintings. The other cool touch within this PHEV sedan is its BYD Heart central toggle gear selector, which features a Volvo-esque quartz crystal finish. 

Among the tech highlights within this Chinese sedan includes the automaker’s signature rotatable 15.6-inch central infotainment screen and an 8.8-inch LCD instrument display. Higher end trims on the other hand adds a DiPilot L2 driving assistance system, electric adjustable seat for the front passenger, seat heating and ventilation, an 8-speaker sound system, as well as an integrated dash cam. 

Slotting above the Qin Plus (incidentally China’s best selling car this year to date), the Qin L lands in its home market wearing a price tag that ranges from just 99,800 yuan (RM 65,000) to 139,800 yuan (RM 91,000). This low starting price and superior fuel efficiency sees for BYD to appeal to cost-conscious Chinese consumers, and steer them away from the likes of Toyota and Volkswagen. 

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