New Porsche 992.2 911 GTS Has An F1-Style Hybrid Powertrain

The new Porsche T-Hybrid system makes its debut on the updated iteration of its Carrera GTS. 

Porsche has recently revealed an updated iteration of its iconic 911, and the headline story surrounding this particular revamp is for this iconic Stuggart sports car to have finally feature electrification tech. 

More specifically here, it is the Carrera GTS trim of this 992.2 generation that has premiered Porsche’s new T-Hybrid (Turbo-Hybrid) system. This first electrified 911 ever in its seven generations sees its traditionally rear-mounted flat-six now be paired with an electric motor and an electric turbocharger setup, which in turn sends a combined 540 PS and 609 Nm of torque to solely its rear wheels. 

Being slightly more nerdy regarding its electrified powertrain for a minute here too, this new Carrera GTS actually features a newly-enlarged 3.6-litre flat-six in place of the outgoing 3.0-litre unit. Its conventional twin-turbo setup meanwhile has been reconfigured to a wastegate-less electric turbocharger and an electric motor pairing, for which many F1 fans may recognise as the MGU-H and MGU-K hybrid systems found on current turbo-hybrid V6 Formula 1 engines of today

The new electric turbocharger features 11 kW motor between the exhaust-driven turbine and compressor to greatly minimise turbo lag, that Porsche touts to yield a faster and more linear build-up of boost pressure over a wider range of revs for added response and acceleration. More importantly though is for it to recapture the hot exhaust gases through its energy recuperation system, which is then used to recharge the liquid-cooled 1.9-kWh 400 V drive battery situated where the original 12 V auxiliary battery normally resides in its predecessor. 

That aforementioned battery in turn provides the juice required to power the ZF-sourced electric motor sandwiched between the flat-six and the sole option (on the GTS at least) of an 8-speed PDK dual-clutch transmission. This drive motor is rated to provide an additional 40 kW and 149 Nm of torque, but can’t be used to drive this 911 on just EV power alone.

This new electrified GTS has been rated to have shaved 0.4 seconds off its predecessor’s century sprint time, with it also incidentally first Carrera to manage 0-100 km/h in just 3.0 seconds flat. The bigger testament to how flipping quick this T-Hybrid system is though comes from Porsche posting an official Nürburgring lap time with this electrified variant that is some 8.7 seconds quicker than that of its outgoing purely-petrol iteration, at a blistering 7:16.93.

Discussing other aspects of this updated GTS now and touching on a few of its exterior enhancements, there are now to be new variant-exclusive active aerodynamic flaps on each lower louvred side intake up front, to complement the most minor of styling tweaks Porsche has done on the outside (reworked headlights, new OLED rear light bar and reworked diffuser) of this updated .2 iteration of 992. The rear tyres have increased by 10 mm in its width on this particular trim, with rear wheel steering now coming as standard as well. 

As for the changes within, the big news here is for the traditional central analogue tachometer to have been tossed out in favour of an all-digital 12.6-inch gauge cluster. The other notable departure from tradition as well is a new conventional starter button, which comes in place of the twistable simulated key that featured previously. 

Funnily enough too, all 911 coupe models now come standard with just two seats. A 2+2 package is nevertheless still selectable as an option at no extra financial cost, but this will undoubtably see for the weight penalty to go up by more than the 50 kg this new hybrid system already incurred. 

Finishing up with a mention on the base Carrera model, it has also incidentally been updated for 2025 with the turbos and intercoolers from the outgoing GTS trim. This sees it gain an extra 9 PS to 394 PS, while its peak torque of 450 Nm remains unchanged. 

Set to go on sale in September in global markets, the base Carrera and GTS are to be the only facelifted models available for the time being. More is to come in due course of course, with Porsche already hinting that this T-Hybrid system is suitable for all-wheel drive applications too. 

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