3 New Year Resolutions From

Every year people from around the world make new years resolutions and mostly never follow them. A new years resolution can be a powerful way to make a change in your life…… long as you stick to it. To stay on track, prepare a plan ahead of time and try as much to be reminded of it weekly by locking it in your smart phone calendar as a weekly task.

The most common being, to stop smoking, to lose weight and to be a better person. We at are sharing our 3 resolutions for 2019.

  1. To try our best to get more Malaysian parents with young kids and toddlers to use a baby car seat and booster seat in their vehicles.
  2. To try and get more Malaysian drivers to stop using their handphones while driving. Not going to be easy but we will try.
  3. To try and get more Malaysians to use a safety belt while driving…..even with their rear passengers.

We hope to reduce traffic fatalities and to keep Malaysians safe on the road in 2019.

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