Jaguar XF Sports Sedan Launched In Singapore

The exterior design of the new Jaguar XF represents a significant change.

Singapore: The dynamic new Jaguar XF features an enhanced exterior, all-new interior incorporating luxurious new materials, seamlessly integrated, connected and future-proof technologies. The new Jaguar XF showcases contemporary British design and engineering at its best.

This latest version arrives a few years of minimal demand as its asking price sits higher than its German rivals who are more popular in the island state.

Still, this is a luxurious performance sedan with a lot of changes after its 2019 facelift was introduced.

PRESS RELEASE: The latest 2.0-litre four-cylinder Ingenium petrol engine powers the new Jaguar XF, providing enhanced efficiency with strong performance.

2022 Jaguar XF Sports Sedan

Exterior highlights include a new front-end design, premium all-LED headlights with ‘Double J’ lit signatures and a new rear bumper. The new Jaguar XF’s front bumper design, together with a revised grille and lower air intakes, creates a distinctive and more dynamic appearance.

The grille is finished with a new mesh design that contains diamond detailing influenced by the Jaguar heritage logo and features a Noble Chrome finish for a heightened sense of luxury. This is complemented by the lower air intakes that have been enlarged and reshaped to create visual width and enhance XF’s dynamic stance.

All-new, super-slim, all-LED quad headlights give the new XF an even bolder appearance, day or night. The front lighting design features the ‘Double J’ Daytime Running Light (DRL) signature graphic, standard on all models, to give the XF a distinctive new look.

Premium LED technology is fitted as standard across the range and is available with Auto High Beam Assist on the SE variant. The technology uses the forward-facing camera to automatically switch between high and low beam, ensuring that oncoming drivers aren’t dazzled.

Beautifully crafted details include the heritage inspired monogram pattern that is laser-etched within the headlights. The attention to detail is also evident on the side vents, which now feature the iconic Jaguar Leaper for instant recognition, just like the new F-TYPE sports car.

Design enhancements at the rear include a wider bumper and body-coloured rear upper valance, which visually lower the car. Darkened rear light surrounds now also feature on the XF.

The new Jaguar XF is also available with the optional Black Exterior Pack, which delivers an even more dynamic appearance with bespoke elements finished in Gloss Black.


The new Jaguar XF has an all-new interior combining crafted, luxurious materials and exquisite details with the latest connected technologies. This creates a more comfortable, contemporary and refined experience for all occupants.

2022 Jaguar XF Sports Sedan cabin

The new XF’s cockpit design is bolder, more dynamic and with greater focus on the driver.

First seen on the new F-PACE, the new interior design language ensures a more spacious and considered feel through softer forms and dramatic, contrasting use of colour at eye-level. The selected use of light-coloured finishes on lower sections of the cabin immerse the interior in one tone to enhance the sense of space.

At the heart of the new interior is the centrally-mounted 11.4-inch HD touchscreen. The elegant curvature of the screen was designed to seamlessly follow the same profile as the instrument panel.

Chemically strengthened, the glass screen features two coatings; one which is anti-reflective to reduce glare and a second which makes wiping away fingerprints easier. It is housed in a magnesium frame painted in tonal black satin to accentuate the slim profile and deliver a high-quality and durable finish.

The large touchscreen operates the new Pivi Pro infotainment system, which provides greater clarity. The intuitive system allows the driver to carry out 90 per cent of common tasks within two taps from the home screen thanks to its simplified menu structure. The seamless integration of new technology is integral to Jaguar’s new design DNA.

The new Jaguar XF delivers enhanced luxury through the greater use of premium materials and soft- touch finishes. Everything from the instrument panel topper and console sides to the door armrest and lower cabin are wrapped in tactile materials for improved comfort.

The premium, quality feel is heightened by the use of authentic finishes, including open-pore wood veneers and aluminium, that feature in beautifully formed shapes such as the upper door insert and full width ‘Piano lid’ that is formed across the width of the instrument panel. The use of veneers extends to the rear without compromise, to ensure all occupants experience the enhanced luxury and tactility of materials.

The extensive use of these materials reinvigorates Jaguar’s rich lineage of luxury interiors, a nod to the past in a vision for the future.

A new sporty centre console, faster in profile, sweeps up to the instrument panel incorporating a wireless charger and increased stowage. The softer, sliding armrest improves comfort and sense of luxury. The centre console is inspired by the design created for the I-PACE and is framed by dramatic, profiled metallic blades on either side.

The focus on materials continues with the laser-etched speaker frets, which have been specially designed to meet both acoustic and visual requirements. Finished in brushed metal which is then lacquered, the speaker frets, along with elements such as the knurled metallic rotary dials, exemplify the heightened attention to detail inside new XF.

Beside the Drive Selector sits the Start button and a new metallic rotary dial-for the Jaguar Drive Control settings, which features an intricately detailed edge which provides a premium look and feel. When not in use, the rotary dial stows within the centre console.

New XF’s luxurious uplift extends across the new suite of interior lighting, too. An upper strip of light encircles the front of the cabin, while a lower lighting zone uses a softer waterfall effect. Available as standard, the system provides occupants with a choice of ten colours, with each of the two zones being independently configurable.

Separate white courtesy lighting features in the overhead console and footwell, and a dynamic start-up sequence greets occupants as they approach, enter and start the vehicle, with a sweep of light around the cabin as the screens awaken.

Occupant wellbeing has been enhanced with the addition of the latest technologies to deliver a calmer and more comfortable travelling experience. These includes the optional segment-first Active Road Noise Cancellation, which removes unwanted noises from the cabin – such as coarse road surfaces – for added refinement, as well as the optional cabin air ionisation technology, which is designed to remove allergens and now also features a filtration system capable of capturing ultra-fine particles – including PM2.5 particulates – for improved occupant health and wellbeing.

Interior colour-ways include Ebony, Light Oyster and Caraway options.

The attention to detail extends to the new steering wheel, which is influenced by the design in the all- electric I-PACE performance SUV and features hidden-until-lit switches and zinc alloy gearshift paddles. Light Oyster and Caraway colour-ways feature a split-rim duo-tone steering wheel which is colour-matched to the interior.

All doors feature new casings that deliver greater comfort, practicality and convenience for all occupants with a new 360-degree grab handle and improved stowage.


The new Jaguar XF features a focused range of Ingenium four-cylinder petrol engines.

Combined with the latest chassis technology and aluminium intensive architecture, the new Jaguar XF offers exceptional dynamics and performance with improved efficiency and refinement.

The new XF is available exclusively with eight-speed automatic transmissions, rear-wheel drive or all- wheel drive, and the following engine options:


  • 250PS 2.0-litre four-cylinder turbo, eight-speed automatic, RWD / AWD
  • 300PS 2.0-litre four-cylinder turbo, eight-speed automatic, AWD

The 2.0-litre four-cylinder Ingenium petrol engine comes in two power outputs, 250PS and 300PS. The 250PS variant produces 365Nm of torque, delivering 0-100km/h in 6.9 seconds and CO2 emissions from 170g/km with fuel economy of up to 7.3L/100km for the XF RWD model.

The high-powered 300PS engine produces 400Nm of torque and is exclusively paired to an all-wheel drive system for enhanced traction. The engine features a range of advanced technologies and is capable of 0-100km/h in 6.1 seconds.

The innovative Continuously Variable Valve Lift (CVVL) system reduces pumping losses by electro- hydraulically varying inlet valve lift. Together with variable cam timing, this allows the engine to breathe with maximum efficiency throughout its entire operating range, optimising power, torque, fuel economy and reducing CO2 emissions.

The engine uses a twin-scroll turbocharger with low friction bearings for reduced friction and improved responses. The turbocharger is fed by an integrated exhaust manifold, which reduces weight.

A water- cooled charge air cooler is fitted instead of a standard air-based intercooler as it is more effective in reducing the intake air temperature. This improves combustion, delivering higher peak power along with enhanced fuel economy and reduced emissions.

All engines are mated to ultra-responsive eight-speed automatic transmissions, delivering rapid shifts for effortless performance through rear-wheel drive or all-wheel drive. The eight closely-spaced ratios provide improved responses and gear selection is controlled using the new Drive Selector. If the driver wants to manually change gear, zinc alloy steering wheel paddle shifters provide tactile control and immediate responses.

All XF models feature the latest JaguarDrive Control featuring Comfort, Eco, Rain-Ice-Snow and Dynamic modes, which can be chosen manually by the driver based on the road conditions.

The settings, selected through a new rotary dial next to the all-new Drive Selector, adapt the XF’s steering, transmission, throttle and (when specified) Adaptive Dynamics settings. Dynamic mode delivers a more responsive driving experience, while Eco tunes vehicle settings to encourage a more efficient driving style. Rain-Ice-Snow optimises stability in adverse weather.

Additionally, the optional Adaptive Surface Response automatically determines the most appropriate settings by monitoring the surface conditions every tenth-of-a-second and reacting within half a second.

Jaguar’s all-wheel drive system with Intelligent Driveline Dynamics is available across the engine range and exclusively on the 300PS petrol. The technology has a rear-wheel drive bias for enhanced driver engagement and performance, with predictive and reactive software that can distribute torque to the front and rear axles independently and almost instantly to provide greater control and stability in low traction conditions.

A new Auto Vehicle Hold system provides added convenience and smoother operation than conventional Automatic Hill Hold. The new technology holds the brakes for an unlimited period of time when stationary on a gradient, gently releasing the brakes only when the driver depresses the accelerator to drive away.

Key to the new Jaguar XF’s dynamic capabilities is its advanced suspension design, mated to its inherently rigid aluminium-intensive architecture. At the front, a double wishbone suspension layout, similar to the F‐TYPE sports car, contributes to class-leading handling while the Integral Link rear suspension provides lateral stiffness without compromising ride comfort.

The optional Adaptive Dynamics suspension system ensures a precise, dynamic set up coupled with a supple, luxurious ride. Adaptive Dynamics constantly analyses acceleration, steering, throttle and brake pedal inputs.

Height sensors at each corner of the vehicle measure the vertical body movement, roll and pitch 100 times a second, while steering inputs are measured 500 times a second. Adaptive Dynamics then uses these inputs to continually alter damper stiffness to maximise comfort and control.

Also available with Adaptive Dynamics is Configurable Dynamics which, when specified, enables the driver to set up the vehicle to suit personal preferences with a choice of Comfort or Dynamic settings applied to the throttle mapping, gear shift points, steering effort and suspension. A stopwatch, G-Meter and pedal graph also help the driver to monitor performance in Dynamic mode.

A passive sport suspension is fitted as standard exclusively to the R-Dynamic RWD featuring stiffer springs and anti-roll bars, firmer damping and a unique tune for the electric power assisted steering for even more dynamic and responsive handling.


The new XF features Jaguar’s next-generation Electronic Vehicle Architecture, dubbed EVA 2.0, which supports a range of new technologies to ensure the future-ready vehicle is always connected and always up to date.

The latest Pivi Pro infotainment technology is accessed through the all-new 11.4-inch curved glass HD touchscreen. Key benefits include enhanced clarity, the screen being three times brighter and 48 per cent larger than the previous screen, and the simplified menu structures allow drivers to access or view up to 90 per cent of common tasks from the home-screen in two taps or less.

To help drivers access vital information quickly, new XF features a new 12.3-inch HD Interactive Driver Display with enhanced graphics and a configurable layout which can show full screen navigation mapping with turn-by-turn instructions, digital dials, media, contact list or infotainment details. Working in conjunction with the optional Head-up Display technology, new XF gives drivers all the information they need with least distraction.

The intuitive new infotainment system features Apple CarPlay® and Android AutoTM as standard and allows customers to connect two phones simultaneously via Bluetooth. Wireless device charging with phone signal booster allows occupants to fast charge their smartphone. The system also provides clearer calls through the help of an external aerial.

To enable almost instantaneous start-up, Pivi Pro has a dedicated power source, so is ready to use as soon as customers get behind the wheel.

The collection of new convenience technologies includes Software-Over-The-Air (SOTA) capability, which ensures the XF is always using the latest software. The technology means that owners don’t have to visit retailers to receive software updates for the vehicle.

Pivi Pro connectivity is provided by the latest embedded dual-sim technology with two LTE modems enabling the system to carry out multiple functions at the same time, such as streaming media and downloading SOTA updates, without compromising performance. The advanced connectivity also ensures minimal interruptions caused by coverage black-spots as it roams across network providers for the strongest signal.

The optional Segment-first Active Road Noise Cancellation technology constantly monitors vibrations from the road surface and calculates the opposite phase sound wave needed to remove the noise heard by the occupants.

This means quieter noise levels within the cabin for superior refinement and reduced fatigue, commonly associated with prolonged exposure to low-frequency noise. Cabin occupancy is monitored, with the system continuously optimising performance to deliver the best possible experience for everyone.

The lightweight technology ensures that vehicle weight and handling characteristics remain unaffected.

In addition, Jaguar’s ClearSight Interior Rear View Mirror gives the driver an unobstructed view of the road behind. Using a wide angle rear-facing camera, the system feeds images to a high-definition screen within the frameless rear view mirror; unhindered by tall rear passengers, poor light or rain on the rear screen.

For enhanced convenience, the second-generation wearable Activity Key can be used to lock, unlock and start the vehicle without the need for the conventional key fob to be present in the vehicle. The rechargeable device incorporates a watch and has a battery life of up to seven days between charges.

The new Jaguar XF also benefits from the latest generation of driver assistance technology. This includes Clear Exit Monitor, which alerts both front and rear occupants to the presence of an approaching car or cyclist when exiting the vehicle. Adaptive Cruise Control automatically maintains a set distance from the vehicle in front.

Jaguar’s latest 3D Surround Camera technology delivers advanced 3D functionality using the latest camera technology to deliver more detail and a choice of real-time viewing optional when manoeuvring the vehicle.

Jaguar’s commitment to creating strong and lightweight vehicles, continues with the new XF. The aluminium-intensive architecture features recycled aluminium from closed-loop manufacturing for greater sustainability and is an important contribution towards Jaguar’s journey to Destination Zero, a world of zero emissions, zero accidents and zero congestion.

Customers can choose from S, SE and HSE specification packs, all are available in R-Dynamic specification. Also optional on all models is the Black Exterior Pack.

The new Jaguar XF is now available at the Jaguar Singapore Showroom.

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