Xpeng Mona M03 Is A Seriously Slippery Tesla Model 3 Alternative

This debut model from Xpeng’s Mona sub-brand currently claims a Cd figure of just 0.194. 

Xpeng has recently revealed its debut model from its new Mona sub-brand, and this Model 3-rivalling M03 is currently touting a rather interesting USP of being the most aerodynamic mass-produced pure electric sedan to date, with a claimed drag coefficient of just 0.194.

Now the Mona M03’s impressive 0.194 Cd figure currently opens another phase into the subtle aerodynamics arms race going on between Chinese EV makers, with both Xiaomi’s SU7 and BYD’s YangWang U6 previously launching earlier this year with bold claims of a 0.195 Cd. As for the best in the West meanwhile, the slipperiest Lucid Air and Mercedes-Benz EQS can only manage a 0.197 Cd and 0.20 Cd respectively. 

Among key contributors to the Mona M03’s record-breaking drag coefficient includes its 1-meter long active air intake grille system (AGS), with its maker claiming that this alone apparently already accounts for a 0.023 Cd gain and a 15.6 km increase in its range. A set of wind guide plates at the rear and low-drag wheel covers then further pushes this overall sleek silhouette in making additional aerodynamic gains of more than 15%, thereby extending the expected range of this EV by a total of 60 km. 

This M03 here is to be the first production model from the Mona (Made Of New AI) series, which was created by Xpeng in collaboration with Didi’s EV unit. This slippery four-door sedan measures in at 4,780 mm long, 1,896 mm wide and 1,445 mm tall, with a wheelbase of 2,815 mm, which puts it to be around the same size as a Tesla Model 3. 

Powering the Mona M03 will be a single electric motor that produces either 190 PS or 218 PS, with there to unfortunately be no further performance figures provided by its maker at this present moment. Given its slippery shape and its surprisingly light kerb weight however (of just between 1,630 – 1,740 kg depending on variant), this particular Xpeng could well punch above its weight when it comes to acceleration times and top speed. 

There is similarly little information divulged regarding the power supply for this Xpeng, with it to only be known that the Mona M03 will net a lithium iron phosphate blade batteries from BYD subsidiary FinDreams. Though likewise from its low Cd and low weight (for an EV at least), impressive range figures are all but to be expected, with there even the rumours that it could touch the 600 km mark on the CLTC test cycle. 

Aside from its low drag, what Xpeng is also proud to tout with the Mona M03 is its low price. This compact e-sedan is expected only to come in at around 150,000 yuan (RM 97,000), when it eventually hits the showrooms in its home market come the third quarter of 2024. 

It currently remains to be seen if the Mona M03 will be making its way over here to Malaysia when the Xpeng brand lands later this year under the distributorship of Bermaz, but its arrival could certainly fill the hole in the local market that is now lacking an affordable all-electric sedan.  

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