Will Insurance cover the 18 cars damaged at the Sri Mariamman temple @ USJ 25,

Last night’s staged riots by ‘hired muscle’ saw 18 vehicles damaged and burnt. The question is, will the insurance company for each vehicle owner compensate the car owners? Well we at checked and this is the official answer we got is as follows…..

  • Riot damage is just one civil disorder that can occur, which can result in damage to your car
  • Your car insurance policy may protect you from riot damage, and other civil disorder damages, if you have chosen the proper coverage
  • Your insurance provider is not obligated to restore you to your pre-loss condition if you have not selected this coverage

Car owners must have included the “Strike Riot & Civil Commotion” cover which costs an additional premium of 0.03% on top of your yearly premium and hardly anyone ever buys this additional cover.

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