Car window tint does not last forever

My treasured coupe was lucky enough to get premium window tinting some 19 years ago when the brand Huper Optik first set up office and shop in Malaysia. The Manager in charge of the business was my very good buddy Mr. Tai and he showed me the qualities of the Huper Optik window tint and explained why it has a premium asking price as it was at the time the best and probably only proper window tint material in the market.

Konica Minolta Window Tint

Well, at the time there were other established brands in the market which are still in business today, but some of them were at times selling inferior Taiwan and Korean made window tint film to unsuspecting car owners who did not know how to tell the difference and were given warranty cards that were printed in house. Huper Optik at the time was providing a factory warranty of 5-years and we were lucky enough to get it installed at the Malaysian cost price.

Konica Minolta Window Tint

Now some 19 years later we noticed that for the past 2-years or so the quality of UV rejection was almost gone and more importantly, the tint has started to fade on the front windscreen which hampered our view at night and when it rained, our vision was reduced even more.

Konica Minolta Window Tint

So, we looked at removing this aged and retired window tint for another high quality product that hopefully will last us for some 17 odd years.

We already knew what we wanted from our extensive research done in the last 2 years on the best and original window tint on sale in Malaysia. The choice was going to be either 3M or Konica Minolta (which is not only an imaging company). We decided on Konica Minolta. Since Mazda had contracted them to be the sole provider of window tint on all their models from the factory (under the brand name Skytint) and they provided a Japan factory warranty, this was our new window tint for our 1991 Corrado.

Konica Minolta Window Tint

First, the 19-year old window tint had to be removed. The 19-year old glue was still holding the edges very well and the tint peeled off cleanly as a heat gun was used to loosen it.

Then came the cleaning process. This takes time as the glass must be very very very clean before new window tint can be applied. There is a labour cost for this.

Konica Minolta Window Tint

Once cleaned and dried thoroughly, the new Konica Minolta window tint is applied and this takes about an hour or so.

The end results are great. My 1991 VW Corrado gets a new look with the slightly darker windows, my aged cabin interior gets the needed UV protection, my dashboard top will not dis-colour from the harsh UV rays and my night vision on the road has been restored to its former 100% vision.

Konica Minolta Window Tint





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