Volvo XC40’s Extraordinary Interior Presented

By now, you’ve probably heard your fill about the XC40’s amazing interior. The most talked about element of the interior is the amount of storage space. In brief, here’s what you can expect:

Storage in the door cards is vast, as the speakers have been moved further up. You can fit anything from a laptop or tablet to a small messenger bag in the doors.

The centre console box is large and deep enough to accommodate a tissue box.

There’s even a dedicated Wireless Qi charger for your smartphone.

The luggage space is also incredible. By default, it’s already got one of the largest boots in its class.

But hidden under the boot floor is a sizeable hidden compartment. You can fold up the floor to create tighter compartments. A strap and some hooks are also available to more securely hold bags.

That hidden storage compartment’s large enough to store the entire tonneau cover.

Under the hidden compartment, Volvo has managed to squeeze in a spare tyre! Believe it or not, this is a rarity for SUVs of this class.

Folding the rear seats creates one of the flattest, most flush loading bays of any crossover. It’s almost as practical as a station wagon.

Rear passengers also get some clever storage. Most notably in the form of the elastic seat back storage and with the cubby holes by the sides of the seats.

The rear armrest also comes with cupholders. Another rarity for cars in this size class.

Besides storage, Volvo also inject some other creative touches. Some of these you may have seen in other cars, but they’re still really awesome to have.

The rear passengers are treated to a USB-C port. Very forward thinking.

Yes, the R-Design alloy pedals are great, but also check out that carpet. The texture and pattern fit the utilitarian, but sport-premium theme of the XC40 really perfectly.

A 12V socket in the rear for tailgate parties.

One-touch boot operation with hands-free capabilities.

The glovebox is a tad small, but note how they’ve got its key stored right there when you need to use the lock.

The seats on the XC40 are incredibly comfortable and quite supportive. Plus, you have just about every premium touch you could ask for. Alcantara, Nubuck leather, contrast stitching, contrast piping.

One would expect a frameless rear-view mirror and that’s what one gets in the XC40.

What you don’t expect is this charcoal headliner. Most premium cars settle for grey or black. The charcoal here is an extremely nice touch.

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