Volkswagen is changing is logo again

From tomorrow, Volkswagen will be introducing its new logo across the globe in stages.  The Volkswagen brand has announced what it will present at the Frankfurt Motor Show that will be running in a few days. This year it will celebrate two major world premieres at home.

The first series electric car, the new ID.3 , but also two other things will be brought to the center of attention : the new logo and its new brand design under the “New Volkswagen” engine.

After Beetle and Golf, ID. 3 will introduce VW into a new era which will be electric, fully connected and carbon-free. The strategic transformation with a reorientation of sustainable content and products, initiated almost 4 years ago, will now become visible with the new brand design. The presentation will focus on VW’s connection with youth, digitization and connectivity.

The symbol and trademark will be the new logo. It will be more modern, clearer and simpler. The logo will be reduced to its essential elements and presented with a new design, which is flat and two-dimensional. Thus, it will be able to be used in a more flexible and particularly recognizable way in digital media. All also apply to brand new signs such as icons, typography, colors or layouts.

For the first time, the VW brand will also have an audio logo that will replace the old one, and in the future the voice that will accompany it will be a female one.

The press also says that instead of the current black background, three colors will be used: white (for most models), blue (for electromobiles) and red (for sports models).

The international application of the new brand design will start at the Frankfurt Motor Show. A starting signal will be given by unveiling the new logo on the tallest building at Wolfsburg company headquarters. The transition will be implemented in several stages using a cost-optimized approach and resource conservation.

Initially, the locations of the brand and dealers in Europe will change their Eastern concept, followed by those in China in October. The transition will then be implemented step by step in North and South America, as well as in the rest of the world by the beginning of 2020.

All 171 Volkswagen markets will be affected. Approximately 70,000 logos will be replaced at over 10,000 dealers and service centers around the world.

This Volkswagen rebranding exercise will be one of the largest such operations in the industry worldwide.

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