United E-Motor TX1800 & TX3000 E-Motorbikes Launched Locally

These Indonesian e-motorbikes are to be locally assembled in Malaysia by Artroniq Berhad.  

Aside from the recent influx of EVs in Malaysia, there has also been a trickling of e-motorbikes landing locally too. The most recent of which being United E-Motor, who has recently made its debut over here with the launch of its TX1800 and TX3000 fully electric motorcycles. 

Now just for those who have no idea what United E-Motor is, this motorcycle marque hails from Indonesia and is a part of the PT Terang Dunia Internusa (PT TDI) enterprise, which is incidentally one of the biggest bicycle manufacturers over there. The company currently has four e-motorbikes in its lineup, with their prices ranging from 14.8 million rupiah (RM4,500) to 50 million rupiah (RM15,000). 

Unfortunately however, we have yet to know of the prices of the particular United E Motor e-motorbikes launched locally, with said detail only to be announced on Christmas Eve (24th December). Though there is a high chance that these fully electric two-wheelers would be affordable, especially considering that they apparently do qualify for the substantial RM 2,400 e-motorbike rebate that was previously announced by the government during the tabling of Budget 2024.

There is actually no delivery date mentioned for these e-motorbikes too, but it is expected for prospective owners to only get their bikes next year. Such is because local assembly of said two-wheelers will only begin in November at Batu Kawan, under the purview of United E-Motor’s Malaysian partner Artroniq Berhad. 

Discussing further about the e-motorbikes on offer now and starting first with the United E-Motor TX1800, this comparatively entry-level offering features a 2 kW electric motor with 106 Nm of torque, which is then powered by a single swappable 1.72 kWh battery pack. Headline figures with this model includes a kerb weight of 98 kg, a top speed of 75 km/h, an all-electric range of about 65 km on a single charge and a 0-80% charge time of around 1.5 hours. 

Moving onto the higher-end TX3000 meanwhile, this particular model nets a larger 4.2 kW electric motor that outputs 145 Nm of torque, which is then fed by two 1.72 kWh removable lithium batteries. One of which is located within its centre floor, while the other one occupies the trunk area underneath the seat. 

Thanks to its more powerful motor and bigger battery pack, the TX3000 can attain a higher top speed of 90 km/h and can supposedly go up to 120 km on a single charge. This particular e-motorcycle is however expectedly slightly heavier than the T1800 at 118 kg, and has a slightly longer charge time too, with 0-80% quoted to take around 4 hours. 

The TX3000 also interestingly nets what United E-Motor dubs a ‘combi brake system’, which is presumed to be regenerative braking, in addition to its front and rear disk brakes. The TX1800 on the other hand is only equipped with front and rear disk brakes. 

Regardless of model however, both TX-series e-motorbikes come standard with full LED lights all round, an LCD speedometer screen, built-in Bluetooth connectivity and a speaker to play virtual engine noise if the rider so chooses. These two-wheelers also come with a mobile app called U-Key, which enables several functions including remote ignition, trip history, trip planner, an SOS button and a bike locator.

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