Do not forget to check your tyre pressure immediately

You do not want to be stranded at the side of the highway or state road with low tyre pressure or a tool kit that is missing. We write from our very own bad experience from 30 years ago.

It is Thursday evening and the long festive weekend is here and many of you are planning that drive back to your family home this evening or early tomorrow morning. The Malaysians who have taken advantage of their annual leave might already have driven back to their hometown and are happily reading this without a worry, but remember, in a few days you will need to return back to your work and that long drive back is coming for sure. So, please read on and take to heart some of these points that we are sharing right here.

Malaysian and also drivers around the world put themselves at risk everyday by failing to properly check the tyre pressure of their vehicles. In fact, an alarming rate of three out of four cars run on under-inflated tyres, compromising road safety, decreasing tyre service life and increasing fuel consumption.

low tyre pressure

Therefore, maintaining the correct tyre pressure and performing regular tyre checks is a sustainable and cost effective way to enhance safety on the road, increase fuel efficiency and tyre longevity while protecting the environment.

Please Take Note: Your car tyre will not function correctly if it is not properly inflated. In the case of insufficient air pressure, a tyre’s tread life is reduced through increased tread wear on the outer edges of the tyre. It also generates excessive heat which reduces tyre durability and decreases fuel economy due to higher rolling resistance, requiring the affected vehicle to burn more fuel to maintain the same level of desired speed. This forces your vehicle to work harder.

It is all black, round and relatively dirty all the time and this is why tyres may be an afterthought for many drivers, they are actually one of the most important components of a vehicle because tyres are the only contact a car has with the road. Vehicle handling and control such as braking, accelerating or steering are all key functions made possible by tyres. Therefore, incorrect tyre pressure will undermine a vehicle’s performance and may lead to tyre failure, or worse, an accident.

So, please head to your nearest tyre shop before it closes and check your tyre pressure and DO NOT forget the spare tyre pressure (and its tool kit) if you use do not use run flat tyres. Yes it will cost a few Ringgit, but then it is all checked by a person who does this day in and day out.

If you know what to do then visit a petrol station with a ‘working’ tyre pressure machine and check all 4 (maybe 5) tyres yourself. Bring along some wet wipes as the machines are generally a little dirty (even for men).

Stay safe and keep those round, black ‘things’ on your car working at its best for you this long weekend.


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