Malaysian MINI Cooper S Countryman Adds New Kit

MINI seems motivated to shift some of its plus-sized cars with these new limited editions. 

Malaysians, for one reason or another, seem to have grown fond of the MINI Countryman, as evidenced by the over 800 units officially finding homes to new MINIacs nationwide. More impressively perhaps is that nearly 75% of those maxi-MINIs are the sporty Cooper S variants. 

Thus seeing that this plus-sized MINI is such a hit with Malaysians, MINI Malaysia has decided to add not one, but two new ‘limited-edition variants’ of the MINI Cooper S Countryman Sports into its local lineup. That said, claiming it to be new limited edition variants however may be a bit of a stretch, as while it is certainly limited in quantity, the new editions amount to additions of packages to the existing MINI Cooper S Countryman Sports. 

The first of this new limited-edition variants launched recently is the MINI Countryman Sports with Blackline package. Limited to only 38 units in Malaysia, the once-British now-German automaker claims that the Blackline package offers ‘a sportier and more stylistic appearance’ to the ever-bulbous Countryman exterior styling. 

Reading past the marketing jargon however, it comes as no surprise that the Blackline package basically takes all the chrome trim off the original Countryman and paints them black. The piano black treatment was performed to the front grille, headlight and taillight trims, door handles, and the MINI and Countryman emblems around the vehicle. A black roof is also included in the Blackline package. 

What more is that with this Blackline accessory package, it comes as no surprise that the interior is also suitably black. The headliner is black, the leather sports seats are black and even the new John Cooper Works Interior Surface comes in piano black, with the only touch of colour being the flashes of red from the interior ambient lighting. 

Curiously however though, this dark interior is not only limited to this Blackline package limited edition. That is because the other limited edition launched today has the identical interior. However, in the newly launched MINI Countryman Sports with Panoramic Sunroof at least, this interior might not be such a dark place after all, especially when the shine filters in through the glass roof. 

At this point, you might be expecting a bit more from this other limited run model, but the MINI Countryman Sports with Panoramic Sunroof basically just adds the panoramic sunroof. And frankly nothing else. 

Apart from those minor add-ons, there is hardly any difference to the normal MINI Cooper S Countryman Sport. Both limited run maxi-MINIs you see here feature the same 2.0 litre MINI TwinPower Turbo four-cylinder in the normal Countryman, that produces 192 hp and 280 Nm of torque. Driving the front wheels through a 7-speed dual clutch transmission, either MINIs are capable of the century sprint in a respectable 7.5 seconds and go on to a top speed of 225 km/h. Like in the normal Countryman too, both MINIs feature start-stop and the finickety new BMW gear lever that returns to its original position after selecting a gear. 

On the subject of tech, and like the stock Countryman, an 8.8 inch central infotainment screen with integrated Apple CarPlay features on both limited-run models. A wireless charging pad is the other notable tech feature within the interior. 

Both are on sale right now at any authorised MINI dealership nationwide. Though priced at RM 243,280 for the Blackline Package and a staggering RM 247,280 for the Panoramic Sunroof option, both limited run MINI Countryman Sports are undoubtably more expensive than the regular version that only retails for RM 239,280.

PRESS RELEASE: MINI, the most sophisticated compact premium automotive brand in Malaysia, today introduced the latest limited-edition variants of the MINI Cooper S Countryman Sports – further expanding their portfolio of thrilling compact vehicles in Malaysia.

“Since we introduced the MINI Cooper S Countryman Sports in 2018, the model has remained one of the most popular models in the local MINI portfolio. In the two years of its availability here, we have delivered over 800 units in Malaysia. The sporty model also accounted for 75% of total MINI deliveries in 2019. These figures are indicative of the model’s significant success within the local market, and we are more than thrilled to introduce today, two new additions to this line-up. The MINI Countryman Sports with Blackline Package and the MINI Countryman Sports with Panoramic Sunroof variants underline our commitment to expanding our portfolio for fans of the MINI Countryman nationwide,” said Harald Hoelzl, Managing Director of BMW Group Malaysia.

The MINI Countryman Sports with Blackline Package offers the model a sportier and more stylistic appearance, featuring previously chromed elements such as the front grille and MINI emblems now in the elegant Piano Black offering. This exclusive variant is also limited to only 38 units in Malaysia.

The MINI Countryman Sports with Panoramic Sunroof, meanwhile, enhances the thrilling sense of freedom that is guaranteed when behind the wheel of the MINI.  Both the MINI Countryman Sports variants will be powered by the two-litre MINI TwinPower Turbo engine capable of 192 HP with 280Nm of torque.

Two new variants, one thrilling experience.

The MINI Countryman Sports with Blackline Package gives the popular model a stylistic upgrade to its exterior elements – going from sleek chrome trims to the elegant Piano Black finishing. These elements include the front grille, headlight and taillight trims, door handles, MINI emblems in the front and rear, along with the COUNTRYMAN and COOPER S emblems. The MINI Countryman Sports with Blackline Package will be available in British Racing Green or Light White, both of which are complete with Black roofs.

The second variant – the MINI Countryman Sports with Panoramic Sunroof adds open-top driving thrill to the driving experience, further enhancing the interior ambience with more light and fresh air.

A powerful MINI drive.

Both the MINI Countryman Sports variants feature the powerful two-litre, four-cylinder engine with MINI TwinPower Turbo that produces 192 hp and a peak torque of 280 Nm. The sporty model is capable of making the century sprint in 7.5 seconds, and has a maximum speed of 225km/h. Paired with the Seven-speed Dual Clutch Sports Automatic Transmission, it provides extremely fast gear changes, a high degree of shift comfort and optimised efficiency.

The dual clutch transmission also allows the use of the engine start/stop function in order to optimise fuel consumption when the vehicle is on a standstill. Additionally, the coasting function comes as standard to the vehicle in both the MID and GREEN driving modes; allowing the MINI to roll along at idling speed to reduce fuel consumption, as the drivetrain is decoupled upon deceleration.

An interior of sophistication and innovation.

The interior design language of both variants speaks of sophistication as it continues with the black theme. The headliner is covered with Anthracite headliner, and the Sport Seats are covered in the luxurious Leather Cross Punch in Carbon Black. The final touch of sophistication is offered via the new John Cooper Works Interior Surface in Piano Black.

The new vehicle is equipped with the Electronic Selector Lever that always returns to its original position after changing between the driving, neutral and reverse modes. The Sports mode can be activated by shifting the selector lever to the left while on driving mode, supporting a particularly sporty driving style and allowing for manual intervention.

Another highlight of the MINI Cooper S Countryman Sports is the 12 High Performance Speaker Harman Kardon Sound System with DSP Amplifier and Class-D technology, outputting 360 watts of pure acoustic power.

The biggest MINI ever also means more space for added comfort and versatility. The MINI Cooper S Countryman Sports offers a vast cargo space with folding rear seats, a high roofline, and an adjustable trunk floor; all to provide excellent leg room and head room for the driver and passengers, who can also enjoy rear seat shoulder room.

Superior infotainment via the MINI Connected.

Both the MINI Countryman Sports variants are equipped with an 8.8-inch MINI Navigation System which can be operated via the touch screen, centre console, or even voice control. The vehicle also features a built-in 4G SIM card which is permanently fitted in the vehicle. Owners can also connect their iPhone wirelessly to the vehicle and use the MINI Visual Boost to access numerous features on the phone with Apple CarPlay. Wireless Charging is also available to ensure mobile phones are always charged. 

The sporty variants are also equipped with the latest MINI Connected that offers an exceptionally wide range of digital services such as the Intelligent Emergency Call, MINI TeleServices and Remote Services. This feature allows mobility planning to be integrated seamlessly in day-to-day digital routine.

The MINI Countryman Sports with Blackline Package and the MINI Countryman Sports with Panoramic Sunroof are now available at all authorised MINI dealerships nationwide.

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