Toyota Harrier-based Supra SUV Rendered

Would anyone be interested in a Supra-fied Toyota Harrier?

With the sports car market getting increasingly dire every year, and with more people trading in their two-seat fun-mobiles for SUVs, it is only a matter of time that the Supra name appearing on an SUV. Like how the Mustang name appears on the Mustang Mach-E electric crossover, much to the chagrin of Ford enthusiasts. 

One might wonder though, how would a Supra SUV look like? Well, wonder no more as renders made by the talented designer, KDesign AG, shows exactly what might be to come for the Supra name in the future. 

From the renders, this Supra SUV appears to be based off the current generation Toyota Harrier, or as it is known as the Venza in North American markets. However, it would appear that the front and rear ends of the current Supra has been grafted onto the large Japanese SUV to create the aforementioned Supra super SUV. 

Credit where it is due, the rear of the rendered Supra SUV is actually decent. The more aggressive triangular rear lights of the Supra may just suit the Harrier design better than its stock slim full-width rear light bar design. The aggressive rear diffuser too adds to the menacing look of the Supra, in addition to the large diameter twin circular tailpipes. However, how necessary is it for an SUV to have an aggressive rear diffuser is another debate best left for another time. 

On the topic of contentious opinions, the front may also be considered marmite to some. Some may like the idea of the Supra nose grafted onto a large SUV. Others might think that the front end of this render faces the same aesthetic challenges as previously seen on the first generation Cayenne. A problem that can only have come from Porsche desperately tried to mate the signature 911 face onto its large SUV, with the end result looking like a 911 that has crashed into the back of a shed. 

The Supra wheels with the red brake callipers on the other hand may be more universally appealing. Add to that the black paint scheme on this particular render, and the sporty SUV vibe worthy of the Supra name could be justified. 


Just to nitpick for a moment though, the large wing mirrors run antithesis to this sporty aesthetic of this Supra SUV. Especially with the added nub that is the blind spot mirror. That being said, with strict regulations regarding the size of wing mirrors on SUV, it would be highly improbable that the Supra SUV will feature slim, sporty side mirrors. 

Speaking of improbable, it is also highly unlikely that the Supra badge will ever make its way onto an SUV. The Supra, regardless of the many BMW parts within its latest iteration, is still Toyota’s halo car; and there is a high chance that this legendary JDM name be retired before it makes its way onto a sporty SUV. 

The Gazoo Racing GR badge on the other hand would not be a stretch to imagine it on an SUV, and it is frankly surprising Toyota hasn’t already done it to the many SUVs in its range. Considering other auto manufacturers have been making sporty SUVs for many years now, it probably wouldn’t be long till a GR badge actually appears on something like this Harrier here. Just without the Supra bits tacked on as well. 

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