Toyota Debuts A Drop-Top Century SUV For Sumo Champions

This all-white Century SUV convertible was created to celebrate the centenary of Sumo in 2025. 

While master driver Morizo was certainly busy showing off the newly refreshed GR Yaris to the world at the Tokyo Auto Salon, the Toyota Chairman Akio Toyoda-san however did also spend some time recently in revealing yet another rather special version of its regular cars during the Grand Sumo Tournament. And while it might not be exactly as fun to drive as the rally homologation hot hatch, the intended occupants of this newly unveiled all-white Century SUV convertible will nevertheless likely be able to easily squash said aforementioned pocket rocket. 

Such is because this one-off drop-top version of its new Century SUV will be pressed into service as the Japan Sumo Association’s next official parade vehicle for its new champions, with this cabriolet’s arrival to also be coinciding with the centenary celebration of the sport in 2025. The official handover of this all-white behemoth was performed outside the Ryogoku Kokugikan arena in Tokyo, and attending the event alongside the Toyota chairman was Japan Sumo Association director Yamayasu Shibata (formerly known as yokozuna Onokuni) and committee member Sho Miyagino (formerly known as yokozuna Hakuho).

Now with this being a one-off, Toyota has unfortunately not been all too forthcoming with the exact specs of this drop-top Century SUV. Though as footage during its unveiling ceremony reveals, this all-white gargantuan is follow on from its royal sedan counterpart by being a fully-pillarless convertible SUV with fully functioning rear doors.

Said photos during the event also point to the white-on-white luxury open-top SUV feature a significantly raised floor in the rear, which hence enables for its occupants out back a commanding view out of the vehicle, while they perch atop of the custom rear bench that resembles a folded fabric top. As for what happens if it rains meanwhile, there is no official word yet from Toyota regarding the availability of a roof for this particular one-off convertible. 

Similarly, there has been no information regarding any other upgrades that were done under the skin of this drop-top SUV. Though it will likely have received at least its fair share of underbody reinforcements to prevent this unibody from flexing too much after losing the roof, in addition to presumably some suspension upgrades as well to handle all that added mass from the extra strengthening (and its Sumo wrestler passengers).

This being a predominantly low-speed parade vehicle however, Toyota will likely not have fettled around much with the Century SUV’s stock 412 PS 3.6-litre PHEV V6. It would certainly be nice to hope at least for the Japanese automaker to have possibly extended the all-electric driving range of a claimed 69 km by stuffing a bit more batteries into this one-off, just to extend the silent running capabilities of this uber-cushy float. 

Toyota has yet to divulge exactly how much it cost to chop the roof off its current flagship, but what it is more than happy to share instead is for this one-off Century SUV drop-top to currently serve as a showcase for what its extensive Meister personalisation program can do for its other affluent customers. Toyoda-san had also let slip that his company had initially prepared another parade vehicle based on the Crown, but committee member Miyagino-san argued that only the ultimate top-end of its lineup will do for this occasion. 

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