UMW Toyota Has Set The Benchmark For After Sales

A big part of the reason people love and continue to buy Toyotas is the reliability factor, after sales promise and that comes from taking care of customers and their cars well after the initial purchase is done. This also assist in the used car values in our market.

Even if you’re the best in the business, there’s always room for growth and improvements. Toyota is moving the after sales game forward with some exciting new initiatives.

Rewarding Customers For Their Loyal-T

All Toyotas sold in Malaysia come with a 5-year warranty as standard and naturally, most customers will want to keep servicing their new cars at the official Toyota 3S or 4S centre they bought it at.

Toyota after sales

To reward customers for this, Toyota has set up a Loyal-T Programme which gives customers points not just for purchasing their vehicle, but for servicing it, buying spare parts, renewing their insurance and even getting body and paint work done at any Authorised Toyota Outlet nationwide.

These points can be redeemed for E-service vouchers. This new Loyal-T Programme replaces the outgoing Toyota Merit Programme.

Signing up and partaking in the Programme is simple. Just download the Toyota Drive app from the Google Play Store or Apple App Store and register yourself.

Taking Mobile Road Assist Into The Smartphone Era

Toyota’s roadside assist programme has been keeping customers in Malaysia covered for 20 years and it has been continually evolving throughout. Now it’s coming to smartphones with the Toyota 24Seven Road Assist app.

In an emergency, just open the app and hit the SOS button. Help is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and users can track how long it’ll take before assistance arrives from their trusted Toyota outlet. This service covers minor on-the-spot repairs as well as nationwide towing up to 50km.

Connecting Customers To Their Cars

In 2021, customers are connected to just about everything that’s important in their life. Toyota feels that cars should be no different. That’s why they introduced the Toyota Vehicle Telematics System (VTS).

This keeps Toyota vehicles connected to the internet, enabling customers to get real time location data, trip history reports, and other important metrics whenever and wherever they are.

Customers can track multiple vehicles through a single application and get notified when vehicles are driven in a certain way. VTS data is handled through a 24/7 command centre that can give authorities and emergency responders the information they need in an emergency too.

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