Ford Mach E will be a full EV SUV

The Ford Motor Company after recently announcing a 7,000 staff cut has just announced that it is considering launching a 100% electric vehicle (EV). The brand has disclosed that the future Ford “Mach-e” which is targeted to be presented very soon is aimed to compete with the Tesla Model Y.

This first 100% electric Ford model will be launched in 2020. From the limited information that we have gathered we know that this EV will take the form of a crossover also inspired by the Mustang.

The Mach E will have impressive driving range. “More than 350 miles” is the bold statement that has been shared. The tesla Model Y, for comparison, manages up to 300 miles of EPA-rated range on a full charge of the Panasonic lithium-ion battery.

Ford claims the Mach E is easily capable of 370 miles under the WLTP. That’s 595 kilometers in one go, and the EV industry is finding it hard to believe this claim given the size and shape of the Mach E and the limited technology know-how that the Ford Motor Company currently has in terms of EVs. The Tesla Model Y in ‘Long Range’ mode is rated at 540 kilometers (336 miles) under the WLTP.

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