The New Kia K8 Is Certainly An Interesting Looking Sedan

This new K8 will be the first Kia to feature the automaker’s new design and corporate identity. 

Kia has recently shown off a few new pictures of its upcoming K8 large sedan. Set to replace its K7 (aka Cadenza) predecessor, this will be the first model in the South Korean automaker’s future lineup to bear its new design and corporate identity. 

Such is the case therefore that this new K8 bears the new, sleeker KIA logo proudly on its nose. Moving further down from there, the silhouette of the old corporate ‘tiger nose’ front end aesthetic still remains, just that now it is a tad bit more dramatic, thanks to its larger size and frameless design. 

Speaking of the over-elaborate design updates, the same could also be said for the additional embellishments made to the front end of this new K8, which in the form of the additional lattice-work to be found on the sleek front bumper, not to mention at the diamond-quilt effect seen on the edges of front air dam. While it is certainly unique, further deliberation is required before actually calling the front end of this new Kia sedan aesthetically appealing. 

Nevertheless, the side profile of the new K8 is a more conventional affair, though it still holds some interesting design details that are worth a mention. Chief among which is the body-coloured triangular trim piece that bisects the C-pillar of that sloping fastback-styled roofline. 

Additionally, the other notable design is the chrome trim that runs along the bottom quarter of the new sedan. Touted by Kia to take inspiration from the yachts sailing across calm waters, this shiny accent piece certainly does further exaggerate the length of the already long K8, which incidentally at 5.015 mm in length is slightly longer than a BMW 5 Series. 

Now moving towards the rear, running below the rear lip spoiler is a full-width LED rear light bar that looks rather similar to what is to be found Hyundai Elantra. Sitting centrally underneath that horizontal light dash meanwhile is another one of Kia’s new logo, along with the first ever K8 badge to appear on a Kia. 

Continuing on the new model name for just a moment, Kia claims that the reason for the jump from K7 to K8 was to transition the model towards a more premium segment of the market. So it stands to reason then that while there has yet to be any official details yet on the interior, it could be expected to be a step up in quality compared to the already perfectly presentable cabin in the K7. Moreover, seeing the new exterior design language of this new sedan, it would also perhaps be reasonable to expect the interior design to be equally as (for the lack of a better word) distinctive. 

Set to go on sale in its home market of South Korea later this year, further information regarding this rather interesting-looking Kia should be released in due course. 

As for whether the K8 will go on sale over here, chances are slim to none. This is especially given that the other South Korean large sedan, the rather good Hyundai Sonata, isn’t doing too well here either. 

PRESS RELEASE: Kia Corporation has today revealed the first official images of the K8, the first model for the rebirth of Kia brand to exemplify its new purpose and ambitions for the future.

The K8 represents a new model name for Kia and is the first model to show the brand’s new design identity as well as the contemporary new Kia logo.

With a focus on modern, premium quality and dynamic performance, the K8 moves forward in the sports sedan space and will build on the success of the K7 (known as Cadenza in some markets) and continues Kia’s rise towards excellence in the segment later this year.

The K8 features a modern innovative sedan that combines sportiness and performance with a progressive and sleek exterior design.

“Following our recent company rebrand, we keep moving toward our new brand values with a new model – the K8. This modern sedan has been designed with innovation and elegance at its very core,” said Karim Habib, Senior Vice President and Head of Kia Global Design Center. “While paying homage to the K7, the K8 looks to the future. Its progressive exterior takes on character and emotion, and combines those qualities with an expressive looking front and a dynamic swooping rear, giving the K8 a high-quality, premium presence that takes direct inspiration from some of the world’s most technically advanced yachts.”

Exterior design: embodying an exciting new future

Taking on an all-new name and the first model to be launched following Kia’s recent rebrand, the K8 has been designed with the future in mind.

At the front sits a new signature frameless ‘tiger nose’ grille that gives the K8 presence and authority. The frameless grille, which is integrated within the front bumper to give a clean yet expansive look, features an intricate diamond lattice designed to express the movement of light. The front lamps include a turn signal that resembles a star could.

Symbolically pointing the way forward – and sitting proudly at the very front of the K8, just above the reimagined ‘tiger nose’ grille – is Kia’s contemporary new logo that expresses ‘symmetry’, ‘rhythm’ and ‘rising’ elements, embodying Kia’s confidence and renewed commitment to customers.

The elongated K8 (5,015mm) features a sporty side profile with a dynamic character line that runs the length of the sedan and takes inspiration from yachts sailing across calm waters. A chrome finish runs along the DLO (Daylight Opening) line and the bottom of the doors, and finishes its journey at the rear lamp – adding confidence and gracefulness to the side of the sports sedan.

Completing the progressive yet elegant front and side profile is a dynamic and muscular rear-end that re-interprets the sedan of today as a modern ‘fastback’ passenger car. Strong, dropping shoulders add to the drama of the K8 at the rear, while a clean tailored spoiler beautifully finishes the sporty, low roofline.

Running below the spoiler lip is a futuristic-looking horizontal taillight that carries across the jewel patterned arrangements from the front and side and connects the K8’s next-generation LED rear light clusters.

The 3D vertical clusters hug the corners of the K8, emphasizing clean, angular lines at the rear and further adding depth and width to the rear of the car.

The Kia’s new logo and first-ever K8 badge sit at the rear just below the horizontal light dash.

All-new car, all-new name

The introduction of an all-new model name – the K8 – is part of Kia’s brand transition and represents the premium space in which the new sports sedan will occupy.

The K8 will offer a comfortable yet high-performance driving experience that will complement the simple, ergonomic ‘first class’ interior. The new model signals an upward journey in design, technology and modernity from the outgoing K7, delivering a class-leading package that redefines the meaning of sports sedan.

Due for market launch later this year, more information on the K8 will be made available to in due course.

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