Tesla’s Home Products Now Made Smarter With Samsung SmartThings Integration

Tesla’s home products (and EVs) will soon be supporting Samsung SmartThings integration. 

2024 does seem to be the year of Samsung’s SmartThings. Such is because not long after announcing for its Internet of Things (IoT) platform will soon be integrated into future Hyundai and Kia models, the South Korean electronics giant has since also surprised by stating that it has also recently established service integration with Tesla too. 

Set to be showcased at CES 2024, Samsung’s SmartThings Energy will soon be capable of interacting with Tesla’s products such as its Powerwall home battery, Solar Inverter, Wall Connector charging solutions and most importantly too, its EVs. And what this basically means is  Samsung users will now have a different avenue of easily manage and monitor the power status of their homes through directly their Samsung devices, aside from just the Tesla app.  

Samsung further asserts for this new Tesla integration to better prepare consumers for power disruptions and outages, through SmartThings Energy’s ability to sync with the Tesla app’s Powerwall “Storm Watch” function. In the case of extreme weather events such as typhoons or heavy snowfall therefore, users can be alerted through SmartThings on their connected Samsung TVs and mobiles in addition to the Tesla app. What more is that users could activate AI Energy Mode before and during power outages to extend the remaining backup energy stored in Tesla Powerwall. 

This breakthrough in cross-platform communication between Tesla and Samsung software is made possible through the former’s open APIs. Samsung’s utilisation of the Tesla API is part of its continual drive toward making substantial progress on the Net Zero Home project and enhancing the multi-device experience of SmartThings users. 

“At Tesla we are excited to add capability to our products to interact with other intelligent devices and software in customers’ homes. We recently published FleetAPI, allowing developers to interact with Powerwall, Solar, and Wall Connector in addition to our vehicles. We are pleased that Samsung has chosen to be an early developer, given their leading position in consumer smart home technology. Customers will be able to view the status of their grid connectivity across multiple devices and intelligently control home loads to extend their Powerwall energy when off grid.” said Drew Baglino, Tesla.

SmartThings Energy connected to Tesla Powerwall will be first shown at the Samsung booth at this year’s CES happening later this week (at time of writing, while the actual service is currently in development and is targeted to launch in the second quarter of 2024. 

Joshua Chin

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