Suzuki shows its new Jimny SURVIVE & Sierra Pickup

Suzuki Co., Ltd. Is showing its “Jimny SURVIVE” and “Jimny Sierra Pickup Style” which will be equipped ready for action and will be active for various hobbies and also daily life. Suzuki will be exhibiting both customized vehicles at the coming Auto Salon in Tokyo.

Jimny Survive

Based on the new “Jimny” which further advanced performance as a full-fledged mini-wheel drive car, the concept model which imagined the powerfulness which progresses in severe nature under extreme conditions, the altitude world view.

Jimny Sierra Pickup Style

Based on the new “Jimny Sierra”, the concept model which imaged the scene which will be active as your own partner. DIY and other hobbies and living in various situations, developed as a companion for users who need 4 WD performance and convenience of the carrier.

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