Caught and Charged, Singaporean who swapped car number plates in JB

In May this year, we helped spread the news about this Singaporean BMW 3-Series driver who was caught swapping his license plates at a Malaysian petrol station without a care in the world and did not even bother when he was being photographed.

Today we have been informed by our Singaporean readers that he has been arrested and charged in a Malaysian court as reported by the Singapore Times.  The car owner a 44 year old man named Tan Hock Lai, was fined RM8,000 today in a JB court.

He admitted to the charges and pleaded leniency. He used stress as a result of hi unemployment as a reason to excuse his behaviour. He could have been fined as much as RM20,000 and faced jail time, but got away with just RM8,000. I suppose those fines are reserved for more organised and ill-intending instances of crimes like these.

We’re glad to have been able to spread the news and if you have any similar stories, photos and videos to share with us, please email us at [email protected].

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