Should you wait before buying the Proton X70?

After months of previews, Proton finally launched their first SUV, the X70 at a lavish and lengthy event in KLCC. We’re sure a lot of you can’t wait to rush to a Proton showroom first thing in the morning to put your money down for one. It is a seriously well priced, well made car.

But maybe you should hold off on that purchase for just a short while. Here’s why:

1) Don’t be the Guinea Pig (or the Test Tube, if you’re from PETA).  These will be the vehicle’s first REAL trial on Malaysian roads. Yes, the Boyue is a proven product, and Proton did do extensive road tests. But we all know the first batch of buyers of any new product are inevitably guinea pigs. If you have another car in your garage, then fine. But if you’re trading in your only car, or buying your first car then maybe don’t take the risk just yet.

2) Think of your resale value. Why rush and get a 2018 car when you can wait a month and get a 2019 vehicle instead? The model year can make quite a difference in terms of resale value, so you could be helping your future self save money by waiting a few weeks.

3) RM30 a month over 5, 7, 9 years…  The 1.8-litre engine in the X70 doesn’t qualify for 2019’s petrol subsidies. Sure, it’s just RM30 a month, but money is money. That’s a small premium coffee wasted each time you fill up. And it’s important to consider because…

4) Volvo technology is in the next one. An updated CKD variant of the X70 should be in production by mid-2019. Rumour has it that the new G-Power 1.5 Turbo engine will be introduced in that version of the X70. RM30 fuel subsidy aside, this engine was co-developed by Volvo Cars, unlike the 1.8-litre, which isn’t found on any Volvo product. Is this something you want to miss?

5) You have alternatives. A lot of people are excited because Proton are bringing in features that the Japanese carmakers simply cannot match for tax reasons. Unfair as this is, you do have an alternative that has been in the market for a while: the Haval H2. We drove this car a couple of times earlier this year. It’s really quite impressive. Maybe not quite as good a value proposition as the X70, but head to a Haval showroom and they might just give you a better deal now that they’ve got competition from the Chinese market.

Ah, who are we kidding! If you’ve been waiting a year for the X70, you’re probably already in the showroom ready to sign on the dotted line!

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