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The Alfa Romeo Owners Club of Malaysia was just an informal club in the 1980s and early 1990s. It was back in late 1992 that a group of Alfa Romeo owners got together over The Tarik (local tea session) in Taman Koperasi Polis, Gombak, Kuala Lumpur; that the idea of a full fledge motor club was mooted. The idea was soon realized; that is the official registration and formation of the Kelab Pemilik Alfa Romeo (AROC) Malaysia in year 1993.

Prior to the club’s formation, the scene was different as the cars then largely comprised of pre 1990 Alfa Romeo models. The exchange of ideas at the time was mainly centered on tuning and carburetion. The need to formalize this social gathering was the factor that galvanized the club into existence.

The winds of change that swept the auto industry did not spare Alfa Romeo. It helped in the shaping and functioning of the club parallel to the impact of the new models of Alfa Romeo that spawned a new generation of enthusiastic owners or Alfistis.

The renaissance of sorts saw the new needs and required different social activities. Whatever the reasons, old and new, activities organized gained tremendous support and participation from members; a dynamism that pushed today’s membership to over hundreds of members. A committee elected by the members at the Annual General Meeting runs the day to day affairs of the club. And effective in 1995, the informal monthly meetings have become a monthly affair.

The main purpose of the club is to provide communal activities for members. This often involves family outings (usually at least an overnight trip) that takes them away from high decibel confusion of the City and the same time providing information and advice on car upkeep, maintenance, advance driving tips, lessons, and parts sourcing.

Today, AROC Malaysia is not only registered with ROS (Registrar of Society), it is also a registered club with Malaysian Sports Commissioner since September 2005. The club comprises members from different age groups and races who share the same passion and the spirit of Sporting Heart or Cuore Sportivo. The club yearly activities includes monthly Teh Tarik session, weekend drives, charity events, motorsports events such as go-karting competition, competitive driving session & track days, road safety events & campaigns. Highlight of the club’s event is the Grand Tour or the Gran Turismo which has been organized annually; the format is quite similar to the Mille Miglia series and popular in Milan, Italy. The long haul drives have also attracted members from all walks of life. AROC Malaysia have successfully organized the road trips all the way to Li’jian and Kunming in China, Vientien in Laos, Cambodia and various towns in Thailand such as Mae Hong Son, Chiang Mai, Bangkok, Phuket & Koh Samui.



Since its formation, AROC has become the platforms for members to active in motorsport events. A few of the talented members have been successfully emerged into the motorsport industry through AROC Go Karting Competition.

It is our ultimate objective to nurture the talented drivers and able to compete locally and abroad. The cooperation with the Ministry of Youth and Sport is important to realize this dream.

Our Mission

“To be the role model of the best car club in the country and able to support the motorsport industries as well as providing the professional advice for the road safety awareness campaign to the government agencies.

In year 1999, AROC Malaysia was awarded The Best Car Club by the 4th Prime Minister of Malaysia.

Events held on 29th December 2018

In conjunction with Club 25th Years Anniversary, AROCM has planned two major events which were scheduled on 29th December 2019.

The Meet and Greet event was organized in the morning at Skyrides Festivals Park in Putrajaya while the Gala Dinner was held in the evening at the Grand Salon, Palace of the Golden Horses, The Mines near Seri Kembangan Kuala Lumpur.

The Meet and Greet event had attracted about 180 cars of Alfa Romeo from the various models. Other Italian brands such as Fiat and Ducati were also made their appearance during the event. The Alfa Romeo owners’ arrived as early as 8:00am and by 10:00am the tarmac area of the festival park was full with the enthusiast and cars. The organizer had also provided the food truck to facilitate the event. And in order to commemorate AROC 25th Silver Jubilee Celebration, each of the participants was given a special edition AROC’s T Shirt as an appreciation for their support.

A special parade was also held with the police outriders escorted the group to convoy along the main streets of Putrajaya and Cyberjaya area. The journey took a distance of approximately 25km. The convoy was led by a group of Ducati motorcycles from Ducati Club Malaysia (DCM) and the event ended at 1:00pm (Refer to the attachment folder for more event photos)


The Gala Dinner received an overwhelming support from 200 alfisti who came from the Klang Valley, Southern and Northern region as well as from the East Coast area. The club members from across the Strait of Johor had also come along to celebrate this memorable function. The cocktail function had started at 7:00pm prior to the formal dinner held at 8:30pm.

The history of AROCM for the past 25 years had been telecasted during the dinner. The success story is solely due to the passion showed by its loyal members. Thus, the Club Council Members had unanimously decided during its special meeting to award the recognition to these members. The function was attended by AROCM’s all five past presidents namely Saudara Azlan Ariffin, YBhg Datuk Seri Noormustafa Kamal Yahya, YBhg Datuk Muhammad Azman Jamrus, Tn Hj Mohd Yazid Mustafa and Tn Hj Shahril Nadjmidin.

The current elected President Ir Othman Zainal who was also spearheaded the club from year 2007 to 2014 for the 4 terms period, welcomed club’s members and guests to the dinner. And the guest of honor was the AROCM Patron, YBhg Datuk Seri Noormustafa Kamal Yahya who was also the Club President from year 1995 to year 2002.

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