Proton X70 Owner Waiting For Spare Parts

Question; why is there no spare parts for the Proton X70 body panels? Well the answer is simple. The Proton X70 is fully imported from China. It is really not a product of Malaysia and it is actually an ongoing Geely SUV in production that has been rebadged for The Malaysian consumer.

All Proton X70’s are being fully imported from China and being driven off the RO-RO ships to Malaysian showrooms for waiting customers until Malaysian assembly and production starts in a few months. More than 20,000 Approved Permits (AP) have been awarded to Proton for this.

There is nothing wrong with this as the Proton Tanjung Malim factory is being upgraded to meet the Geely manufacturing standards for future Proton models to be locally manufactured and also exported to the ASEAN right hand drive region.


A Proton X70 owner who recently had a minor rear end collision has been made to wait for weeks for his rear bumper to arrive from China and this has angered him and some Malaysians who have been sharing his plight on social media.

Yes, the waiting time is long as the parts need to be shipped by sea freight from China and it will probably come with the next batch of X70 parts and vehicles being imported in to meet the increasing demand for the X70. (this is why you this plate on every new Proton X70 right now)

Like all new projects, the Proton X70 needs more time to be smooth sailing and meanwhile there will be upset owners and some issue with service centres trying to cope with the increased demand for servicing, repairs and software upgrades. (some parts are coming from Malaysian vendors shipped to China for assembly at Geely)

Give Proton some time and allow them to move their game up.

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