Proton X50 Fails In Valiant Attempt To Ford Flooded Road

This Proton X50 demonstrates yet again as to why driving into a flood is a bad idea. 

With the weather these days getting increasingly wetter and wetter, it was only a matter of time before a timely reminder as to why driving into a flood is not a very good idea. And unfortunately for this Proton X50, it just so happens that it was the example to be used for this occasion in justifying the aforementioned sensible precautionary measure. 

The finer details as to exactly what happened here is still unknown at the present moment, but from the pictures and shreds of information shared, it shows that this particular Proton X50 had valiantly attempted, but failed miserably, to ford across a flooded road on Jalan Selayang. 

Fortunately for the X50, the flood water had managed to obscure the number plate of this Malaysian compact crossover to spare their blushes. Unfortunately however, the flood water would have also undoubtably ruined much of its interior. Especially considering that there are shots of the stricken Proton with its driver’s door open while still in the midst of the flood. 

Continuing on the topic the stricken X50, the most likely cause of the Proton being in such a state will be the engine cutting out due to the three-cylinder having ingested some water. Hence a full engine rebuild will presumably be on the cards too, in addition to a once-over of the vehicle’s electronics, as well as a full refurbishment of its interior. 

Now at this point, there will be some that might point to the water level not really being that high, and that the driver should have kept their foot down and powered through it. Keeping the revs up is the trick that professional off-roaders used to ford rivers after all. 

While there is certainly some merit to this argument, it is nevertheless prudent to point out that the X50 is nothing more than a jacked up hatchback instead of a purpose-built 4×4. So fording floods isn’t exactly its forte. 

Besides, it is worth reiterating too that one shouldn’t even attempt to wade through the flood in the first place. Not least because the sheer force of the water current can lift a car off its wheels and sweep the car away with the flood, but there may also be debris hidden beneath the murky surface that may cause damage to the vehicle when ran over.

To summarise therefore, it is infinitely better to be safe than sorry and wait out the flood on higher ground (or try another route) instead of valiantly attempting to ford it. Much like what the lorries and the pickup truck has done in this situation seen here.

Also to anyone buying buying a used X50 in the coming months, perhaps check under the carpets for damp if a grey one pops up for sale at a suspiciously good price. 

Joshua Chin

Automotive journalist. Professional work on and Personal writing found at Instagram: @driveeveryday

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