Proton X50 Refreshed For 2024 With Some Really Minor Changes

At least Proton has not upped the price from the tiny enhancements it made on this 2024 X50. 

After four years since its initial launch (and with a host of new Chinese competition hot on its heels), Proton has finally decided that it was high time for its X50 to be updated. Though calling this particular update an update is to be rather generous, as really the most exciting change was perhaps the addition of an omelette bar at the launch event…

Now I kid of course, but the truth ain’t all that far off either. Such is because probably the most notable enhancement on this 2024 X50 is its upgraded infotainment system, which in itself is only different by way of a new dual quad-core processor with 4 GB of RAM and 64 GB of storage (basically everything has doubled from before). 

Proton claims for this improved infotainment system is 3.3 times faster than what is found in its pre-update predecessor, with 33% quicker boot-up and 55% speedier loading times than before. And while Apple CarPlay and Android Auto still unfortunately eludes the X50, this head unit upgrade has nevertheless also brought with it Spotify integration. 

It is worth highlighting too that this 10.3-inch screen is now made standard across the lineup, with digital meter clusters similarly featuring in all trims of the 2024 X50. Among the other notable infotainment-related changes meanwhile is a clearer 360º surround camera feed with improved low light vision capabilities and a 3D model display, in addition to a new turn-signal activated blind-spot camera feed on the central screen (alá Honda LaneWatch). 

As for changes under the skin, Proton touts for the 2024 X50 to have received ‘more than 20 NVH improvements for better comfort’. The Malaysian automaker has however been rather vague regarding what exactly are the specific improvements that has been made, with the only known detail being that additional damping sheets were added on the door and underfloor areas of this compact crossover.

There has also been some vagueness regarding the changes that have been done to the powertrain package of the 2024 X50, with some sources reporting an unofficial claim of a retuned gearbox for crisper shifts. What is nevertheless concrete is for this updated compact crossover to retain the same general 1.5-litre turbocharged three-pot and seven-speed wet dual-clutch transmission pairing as its pre-update predecessor. The port-injected unit found on the lower tier variants still makes the same 150 PS and 226 Nm of torque, while the Flagship brings with it direct injection for 177 PS and 255 Nm. 

Staying much the same too on this 2024 X50 is mercifully its price, with Proton making a big song and dance during the launch about how these RM 6,000 worth of enhancements are to be given free to buyers of this updated compact crossover. The same four variant lineup of Standard, Executive, Premium and Flagship are currently to be priced at the same RM86,300, RM93,300, RM101,800 and RM113,300 respectively. 

In order to sweeten the deal further, Proton is also currently offering the first 5,000 bookings for this newly-updated 2024 Proton X50 RM 7,000 worth of cash discounts (valid for 1.5T Executive and up), as well as RM 1,500 in trade-in overtrade support (for used Proton trade-ins only). Buyers of the top two trims of this compact crossover will now not need to shell out additional dough for a powered tailgate as well, as this once dealer-installed cost option has since been made standard on those aforementioned variants. 

Visually indistinguishable from the outside from its pre-updated predecessor, the 2024 Proton X50 is available in Snow White, Armour Silver, Jet Grey, Ocean Blue and Passion Red. 

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