Pre-book a GoCar this Raya Season with their ongoing promotion

The Raya holidays are coming soon and many people are expecting to ‘balik kampung’ this year. After two years of the Covid-19 pandemic affecting us, many Malaysians were unable to take a trip to their hometown. Thankfully, our country has just recently entered the endemic stage of Covid-19, and what better way to travel than by renting a GoCar this Raya season.


GoCar have an ongoing promotion where customers can use their promo code “GETRAYAREADY” for an extra day of usage for free. With a big crowd expected this year, using a GoCar seems easy for those whom want to avoid taking a bus or train to their hometown. What’s more, the first 50 customers to make a booking with the code will get a complimentary GoCar umbrella.

More information regarding this promotion is available in the press release.


With the country transitioning to the endemic stage of COVID-19, many people will be planning to “balik kampung” or take a short vacation during the upcoming Raya holiday.

Those who do not own a car and are still wary about taking public transportation can continue to have peace-of-mind with an alternative personal mobility option via GoCar Malaysia.

Customers can also take advantage of GoCar’s Raya promotion to enjoy some savings. Applicable for GoCar Round Trips, all customers who make a two-day booking with the promo code “GETRAYAREADY” during the campaign period will enjoy one extra day of usage for free. Additionally, the first 50 customers to make a booking will also receive a complimentary exclusive GoCar umbrella.

The best part is that GoCar Round Trips come with unlimited mileage and are open to all drivers with a valid Malaysian or international license, including P license drivers.

The promo code is valid for one-time use only starting 1 April to 10 May 2022, but customers will have until 30 June 2022 to make their trips. Those interested are encouraged to pre-book their GoCar ahead of Raya to avoid disappointment and ensure they will have a vehicle.

“There is a Malay saying that goes ‘sediakan payung sebelum hujan’. In the same spirit, we hope this GETRAYAREADY campaign will help customers be prepared for the upcoming holiday.  We urge customers to pre-book as early as they can before Raya to ensure they have a personal vehicle for their holidays so that they need not worry about long queues and sold-out tickets in addition to safety concerns that come with public transportation,” said Wong Hoe Mun, CEO of GoCar Malaysia.

To book a GoCar Share Round Trip and use the “GETRAYAREADY” code, download the GoCar mobile app.

For more information about GoCar Share and GoCar Malaysia, visit or follow the GoCar Malaysia Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and Twitter channels.

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