Porsche 911 Virtually Vaporised After Hitting Tree At Speed

The speeding Porsche had also unfortunately claimed the lives of its two occupants. 

Even if an arrow straight piece of tarmac is up ahead, it is nevertheless still not excuse enough to be putting the hammer down on a public road. That is as accidents can and will still happen, like this fatal one here involving a speeding Porsche 911, that unfortunately obliterated upon impact with some trees and had claimed the lives of two people. 

Occurring last Friday afternoon (3rd of September) near the Polish town of Mikolajki, local media over there reported that the driver had unfortunately lost control of this black 911 while travelling at a high rate of speed on the straight but narrow road 643. This therefore set up a chain of devastating events that saw the Stuggart stallion being bounced off several linden trees lining the road, which resulted in it then bursting into flames and eventually ending up as the vaporised husk as seen in the pictures here. 

Seeing then that photos here show of its wheels having shattered and a gauge cluster lying on a field some distance away from the car, it should rather sadly come as no surprise that the two occupants within the speeding Porsche were pronounced dead at the scene when paramedics eventually found their charred remains after the fire was extinguished. Though in a rather macabre sense, there is somewhat of a silver lining in the fact that at least they probably didn’t suffer much, with the rescue personnel working this case having stated that both the victims — who were incidentally businessmen coming back from a holiday — likely having died instantly on impact after the 911 slammed into the first tree. 

The first responder went onto state too that the Porsche was likely travelling in excess of 200 km/h, which is a good bit more than the 60 km/h speed limit that was recommended for that particular stretch of road. What is however probably the rather more interesting point made then was to the observation that there was rather interestingly no observable skid marks left on the road as a result of this accident, but this could as likely point to the driver not having even the time to respond upon losing control of the Porsche, as opposed to any suspected foul play having a hand in this accident.

Irrespective of how exactly the accident unfolded however, there are perhaps two takeaways from this tragic event. The first of which is that a tree is unsurprisingly stronger than a Porsche 911, with the other being that it is perhaps wiser to not to be testing a car’s performance envelop on public roads, such as to avoid something like this happening to you in the future. 

Joshua Chin

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