Ora Good Cat Wins Dual Championships At Green NCAP

The Ora Good Cat scooped the gong in Green NCAP’s ‘Small Family Car’ and ‘Full EV’ category. 

While EVs are to often be thought of as being greener than their combustion-engined counterparts, even in EV land there is actually a difference in how green each respective EV can be. And it appears that the Ora Good Cat is to be one of the greener ones out there, with Green NCAP recently awarding this Chinese compact all-electric hatchback with the top prize in its ‘Small Family Car’ and ‘Full Electric Car’ category for 2023. 

What more too is that with an average test score of 97%, the Ora Good Cat has comfortably achieved a 5-star Green rating by Green NCAP. More specifically, the all-electric hatchback scored a maximum possible 10/10 in the ‘Clean Air Index’ category, as well as an equally impressive 9.5/10 and 9.8/10 in the ‘Energy Efficiency Index’ and ‘Greenhouse Gas Index’ segments respectively. 

The category winners for the Green NCAP awards were measured on the results of their tailpipe pollutant emissions, energy or fuel consumption efficiency, the sum of direct greenhouse gas output and the emissions related to the production and supply of the fuel/energy. Green NCAP’s Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) meanwhile was measured separately as part of the testing, with the Good Cat similarly scoring high by achieving the ‘Greener Choice’ award in 2023 for having the lowest impact on the climate over its complete vehicle life cycle. 

Now just for those who are still unsure what the Green NCAP is, it is a green vehicle assessment programme hosted and supported by Euro NCAP in cooperation with European Governments. Similar to the well-known crash tests that has been independently conducted by the organisation, this new Green NCAP initiative aims to increase awareness of the environmental impact by the vehicles on the market today. 

Speaking about the Green NCAP category awards, Dr. Aleksandar Damyanov, Technical Manager Green NCAP said: “The responsibility for cleaner air might just lie more on the shoulders of industry rather than on regulators. We hope these Category Winners give guidance on which brands are making progress in a sustainable direction.” 

Additionally, Green NCAP praised Ora Good Cat for its “good efficiency under a variety of conditions” adding that it “made use of its aerodynamic design and high charging efficiency, helping improve its overall consumption and reducing costs for the consumers”. 

Toby Marshall, local Managing Director of GWM Ora UK followed by commenting: “We’re delighted with the fantastic results that Good Cat has achieved as part of the rigorous Green NCAP testing. As the winner of two key categories, it is clear that Good Cat has exceptional sustainability and efficiency credentials, factors that will resonate strongly with UK consumers.” 

Having officially entered the European market in 2022, GWM’s vehicle lineup, including the WEY Coffee 01 and Coffee 02, secured Euro NCAP five-star safety ratings and annual model accolades. In 2023, the WEY Coffee 01 achieved ECAP and Green NCAP five-star ratings, leading in its respective subcategories, showcasing the leading position of GWM’s product range. The recent recognition of ORA GOOD CAT by a top European professional institution further underscores the promising future for the brand. 

Turning towards local developments by GWM on the other hand, GWM plans to supplement its existing Ora Good Cat offering with the imminent launch of its larger 07 Lightning Cat all-electric fastback and Haval range of SUVs. Just for those who are perhaps interested in procuring the aforementioned compact EV too, it is worth highlighting for the Chinese automaker to actually currently offering up to RM 20,000 off, as well as a free wall box charger, for the purchase of a Good Cat, as part of its Chinese New Year promotional campaign. 

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