Nissan e-Power is on its way to Malaysia

Nissan’s e-Power technology is not all new as it has been used in Japan for already one year. There, it is the little Note who benefits. Specifically, this rating uses the first-generation technology of the Nissan Leaf (109hp and 254Nm), but instead of using a large battery, the model has a 1.2 liter 3-cylinder 80hp that is used as a generator. For Nissan, this technology offers the double advantage of increased power and reduced fuel consumption, with the engine helping when it’s needed. Nissan says to give an idea that consumption should be comparable to that of a conventional hybrid car such as a the popular Toyota Prius.

The Nissan e-Power technology is now a step in the complete electrification of automobiles and Nissan via Tan Chong Motor wants to share this with Malaysians very soon. By 2022, sales of Japanese electric models will be estimated to increase five-fold, a volume that will be supported by E-Power models. However, Nissan has not yet announced which models should benefit from this technology. The IMQ concept car at the Geneva Motor Show is already showing how the system would work with a four-wheel drive and electric motors on both axles.

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