Electric Cars Should Look Less Futuristic

EV designers should look at keeping to current muscle car looks if they want to reach out to a wider audience. Remember, EV’s are not cheap to buy and it is mostly still the older car buyer that has the money to buy one and park it alongside their petrol driven cars in their garage.

electric car designs

We think EV’s should look like current hot selling petrol cars and just have the power-unit underneath their muscular profiles.

Yes, many will argue that EV’s need to be sleek and aerodynamic to achieve long range driving, but let’s face the facts, modern petrol driven cars have been designed in wind tunnels to achieve the best aerodynamics and manufacturers try and get the best mileage from their vehicles in order to comply with market demands. So, these muscle cars already have pretty good aerodynamics which means the little extra battery juice they might sip on a drive is negligible.

electric car designs

Yes, if you are driving an EV daily, you want to save on your mileage, but then petrol powered car owners are also trying to get the best fuel consumption when they drive. Right?

electric car designs

Then there are EV owner groups that say their EV’s should look futuristic and be totally different on the road to show the rest their quest to keep the earth greener and reduce carbon emissions. The whole climate change issue and more. So, why are you charging your car using electricity that comes from coal or diesel power?

electric car designs

You should then ONLY charge your EV at a solar powered car charger……right!

electric car designs

What if, electric car designers took older classic car designs like this BMW E28 pictured above and gave it a full electric heart and modern safety features, there would be plenty of buyers we believe.

electric car designs

The need to revive classic car designs like this Ford Mustang with new ‘hearts’ should be a department by itself in every car manufacturers portfolio.

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