MyTukar Certified Promises A Used Car That Is ‘As Good As New’

A 160-point inspection with 5 days money back guarantee makes buying a used car a breeze with myTukar. 

Ask anyone who has tried to buy a used car in Malaysia, and it is almost certain that they will note for it to be a stressful and unpleasant ordeal. And this is really no surprise, as the market is after all unfortunately full of shady dealers all out to make a quick buck by passing on their lemons onto the next unsuspecting sucker. 

What more too is that with the difficulty in arranging finance and the issue of deciding what to do with their current car, it is hardly no surprise that most Malaysians will happily take the depreciation by the chin, and waltz right into the welcoming arms of new car showrooms. 

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Happily however, myTukar by Carro is currently touting for the era of buying a lemon of a used car as being a thing of the past. That is especially as it has recently showcased its new 160-point used car inspection and refurbishment process, which hence promises its customers a Carro and myTukar Certified used car that is ‘as good as new’.

Now this stringent and extensive used car inspection and refurbishment process begins with a detailed look into the car’s history. Not all cars get to be Carro and myTukar Certified after all, with the company pledging that all of its used cars will have have no major accident, fire and flood damage, as well as have genuine milages. 

With a car having passed the initial history check, the rigorous 160-point inspection then commences, with Carro particularly keen to tout that this process is performed with two of its innovative patented technologies: Acoustic Engineering and Computer Visioning. 

Harnessing the power of AI, its acoustic engineering technology detects any potential engine issues by cross-checking the noise made by the particular vehicle being checked against a proprietary library of car engine sounds from multiple makes and models. Computer Visioning meanwhile detects and provides insights into the slightest bumps, scrapes and other existing body anomalies, which in turn the capabilities and efficiencies of all our experts and inspectors.

Once the inspection is complete, said used car is then sent for an equally extensive Carro Care refurbishment process to honour the Carro and myTukar Certified ‘as good as new’ promise. This refurbishment process encompasses several key steps, which includes body and paint reconditioning, mechanical repairs and interior refurbishment. 

Partnering with Jardine Cycle & Carriage, the mechanical repairs performed by Carro Care on a used car runs from the engine all the way to the tyres. Its interior refurbishment covering aspects include electronic repairs, dashboard refurbishment, leather stitching, and headlining repair. In fact, the company has proclaimed that it utilises the same leather supplier as the OEMs in order to get the best match possible during the reconditioning process. 

Though the refurbishment aspect that Carro Care is most proud of would be their body and paint, with it touting the use of high-quality Nippon paint and has its work overseen by a Japanese paint master. Incidentally too, even non-used car buyers can also take advantage of this respray service, with it currently costing from RM 3,000 for a full paint job on a Myvi. 

Non-used car buyers can also perform periodic servicing and other ancillary vehicle maintenance at any of the Carro Care centres nationwide too. There are currently 7 centres spread across Peninsula Malaysia, with its USJ and Ulu Tiram locations being the only one that performs body and paint services. 

Anyway getting back to the topic of buying a used car, myTukar prides itself in its transparency when offering a Carro and myTukar Certified vehicle. As such therefore, the full detailed 160-point inspection checklist is available with every listing on its used car retail site. Moreover, all myTukar Certified vehicles come with a 1-year engine and gearbox warranty for added peace of mind, in addition to a 5-day money back guarantee if you are really unsatisfied with your recent purchase. 

And just getting back to the difficulty in arranging finance and the issue of trade-ins too, myTukar offers both these rather essential services as well to make the used car buying process truly a hassle-free experience. So looking for a safe, clean and reliable used car, why not try checking out what is on offer at myTukar today?

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