Ministry Of Transport Mulls Special License Plate Frames For EVs

These EV-specific license plate frames is said to ease vehicle identification, especially in emergency situations. 

While there were months of radio silence on the general subject of EVs, it does nevertheless seem that the Ministry of Transport has actually been giving this booming new segment some though in that intervening time. Such is as coming hot on the heels from its recent announcement of the new road tax rates for these zero-emission vehicles, it has also been revealed that the ministry is currently mulling over the idea of introducing special license plate frames these cars too.  

Now it should be highlighted at the top here that this proposal for an EV-specific special license plate frame is not to be confused with special vehicle registration numbers for these types of cars. Transport Minister Anthony Loke emphasised as much at a press conference yesterday by stating: “We will introduce special plates, not (vehicle registration) numbers, to differentiate between EV and ICE vehicles soon.”

The Transport Minister then went on to add that these EV ‘plates will be issued by the respective vehicle companies, so we will work with them regarding the materials to be used and so on’. He did however state further specific details regarding this plan are still in the works, and urges patience while this proposal is to be finalised.

In regards to why these unique plates for EVs are currently being mulled over meanwhile, Loke has previously explained these special frames will be useful for identification purposes, safety and to facilitate rescue operations in the event of an incident involving EVs. He said rescue teams, especially the Fire and Rescue Department of Malaysia (JBPM), currently face difficulties in distinguishing between EVs and regular vehicles based solely on appearance.

This idea of special EV plate frames is not exactly a novel one, and has actually been enacted in many other countries already. There are two distinct styles currently being implemented worldwide, with China for instance going down the full different plate colour route, as its EVs net a gradient green license plate in place of the conventional blue units found on regular passenger cars. 

Countries like United Kingdom and Indonesia on the other hand differentiate their EVs from conventional cars through the addition of a different coloured stripe on their existing license plate designs. EVs registered in the UK net a green bar on the right of their standard issue license plate, while a blue bar across the bottom of the license plate signifies EVs in Indonesia. 

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