Could Mitsubishi Soon Be Debuting A New All-Electric Delica?

Mitsubishi hints at a new lifestyle vehicle that will debut during next month’s Japan Mobility Show 2023.  

It will appear that Volkswagen with its new ID.Buzz will soon to not be the only funky electric van on the market, as Mitsubishi seems also to be cooking up something along the same veins too. 

Details of this upcoming Mitsubishi are however to unfortunately be rather thin on the ground, with the only thing that is known being a vague van-like silhouette that is seen in the background of a teaser recently released by the automaker. It is nevertheless discerned from said teaser for this forthcoming offering from the tri-diamond marque to come with some rather distinctive horizontal T-style LED headlights, that prominently features on what appears to be a stubby front end. 

The teaser also does shows of this future van to be equipped with a roof box of some sort, in addition to showcasing what seems to be a front seat that is swivelled rearwards. All of which is in line with what Mitsubishi has stated in the fluff-filled press release accompanying this teaser, that touts of the automaker to ‘present a unique, fulfilling mobility lifestyle that excites drivers’ spirit of adventure’.

While on the topic of the press release meanwhile, Mitsubishi has further gone on to allude for its vehicles to utilise ‘its proprietary electrification, all-wheel control, durability and reliability, and comfortability technologies’. The automaker has also explicitly referenced too its Pajero 4×4, Delica D:5 van and Outlander PHEV as examples of how it provides ‘numerous ways for enjoying time outdoors with family and friends’. 

All this therefore has predictably lead to more than a few speculations for Mitsubishi to soon finally be showcasing a new Delica, which will be electrified to some extent. The Delica does currently tick all the boxes that has been teased with this upcoming unveiling, with it being one of the few all-wheel-drive jacked-up vans on the market. What more too is that the outgoing iteration of this Japanese van has after all been going on since 2007, and would really significantly benefit from a total modern revamp.

That said however, it is probably prudent to not get one’s hopes so high yet, as it wouldn’t be the first time Mitsubishi to tease a wonderful new iteration of a popular model and then not bring it into production. Has anyone heard anything about an EVO 11 yet?

In any case, whatever that Mitsubishi wishes to showcase will make its big debut during the Japan Mobility Show 2023 that takes place at the Tokyo Big Sight from October 28 to November 5. 

PRESS RELEASE: Mitsubishi Motors Corporation (hereafter, Mitsubishi Motors) will exhibit at the Japan Mobility Show 2023 to be held at Tokyo Big Sight. With the booth theme of “Awaken the adventurous spirit within you. Adventures for all – anytime and anywhere,” the company is set to present a unique, fulfilling mobility lifestyle that excites drivers’ spirit of adventure.

Utilizing its proprietary electrification, all-wheel control, durability and reliability, and comfortability technologies, Mitsubishi Motors provides vehicles that are environmentally-friendly and offer safe, comfortable ride with peace of mind in any weather or road conditions. As a reliable partner that caters to the varied needs of all kinds of drivers, Mitsubishi Motors supports mobility lifestyles of customers by offering cars that make their every day exciting and enjoyable, motivate them to go one step further than usual, encourage them to try new things, and ensure a safe return home from just about every adventure.

To date, Mitsubishi Motors has proposed numerous ways for enjoying time outdoors with family and friends. They are embodied in the Pajero, an all-round SUV which balances the road handling of an authentic SUV with the comfort of a passenger vehicle; the Delica D:5, an all-round minivan which combines a comfortable interior with a powerful drive; and the Outlander PHEV, an electrified SUV which delivers environmental performance and road performance at a high level as well as offering new value as a storage battery.

With such ambition, Mitsubishi Motors heads to the Japan Mobility Show to showcase a unique, fulfilling mobility lifestyle that awakens drivers’ adventurous spirit.

Joshua Chin

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