Delica Mini x Coleman Brings Camping Chic To The Kei Mitsubishi

All that this Coleman collaboration brings to this Mitsubishi kei car however is an outdoorsy wrap. 

Mitsubishi has recently decided to cash in on the car camping concept, and has since collaborated with outdoor outfitter Coleman to release a special edition of its Delica Mini. Though despite showing off a rather cool fully kitted-out concept at the Tokyo Auto Salon, the production variants born from this partnership basically only results in a funky exterior wrap. 

Production Vs Concept

Yes, the many customers who apparently pushed Mitsubishi to press this Delica Mini x Coleman collaboration concept into production will have to find their exterior roof racks, all-terrain tyres and mud flaps on the aftermarket if they wish to truly recreate the what was unveiled at the Tokyo Auto Salon. That is as the only thing the Japanese automaker has made available for production is a custom grey-beige exterior wrap, which features the admittedly chic circular Coleman lantern logo on the front door and the Coleman script on its D-pillar. 

Rather admittedly chic too is the subtle ribbing pattern of the exterior wrap that runs along the length of the Delica Mini x Coleman, that does somehow accentuate the adventure-y theme this collaboration aims to bring to this already off-roady-looking kei car. Though in an effort to restore some balance to this faint praise given, it is hence worth highlighting then that this wrap isn’t even a full-body affair. 

The Japanese automaker has after all suggested for customers interested in this wrap for their new Delica Minis to option for the available two-tone black mica combination, as there are some original exterior colour of their kei vans will be visible on specific parts of the bodywork (like the roof for instance). Mitsubishi also recommends to select the gloss black finish exterior accessories package, and white-finished emblems in order to best copy the look of the concept car.

Like most of these collaborations, this Coleman-themed wrap will only be available in Japan and for a limited time only (9th September 2023 – 31st March 2024). Mitsubishi is charging a rather steep ¥761,200 (RM 24,000) for this outdoorsy appearance package on a brand-new Delica Mini, while existing owners who wishes for this wrap on their kei vans will have to fork out even more at ¥870,540 (RM 28,000). Now just think for a moment the number of camping trips you could take with that amount of dough…

Launched just this year, the Mitsubishi Delica Mini (as well as its Daihatsu Tanto FunCross and Suzuki Hustler twins) represent a new niche of kei vans with adventure aspirations. Hence much like its larger brother that the same name, this tiny kei van is also to be available with go-anywhere touches like water-repellent seat upholstery and even all-wheel drive. 

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