Millennium Welt & Gentari To Open Charging Flagship Store In KL

This first EV Charging Flagship Store in Jalan Kuching offers six 240 kW DC chargers and two 22 kW AC chargers. 

In what is a wholehearted attempt in maintaining their #1 spot as Malaysia’s premium EV provider, BMW has certainly been pushing hard to improve the local charging infrastructure. It does seem like nearly every week there is news about the German automaker opening a new site after all, with the latest one this time round being the ground-breaking of a new EV Charging Flagship Store in Jalan Kuching. 

A collaboration between BMW’s dealer partner Millennium Welt and Gentari Malaysia, this new first EV Charging Flagship Store in Jalan Kuching has been touted to ‘offer a new concept and experiences for EV charging’. Though what that translates to is essentially a showroom with an admittedly extensive display area that is capable of featuring ‘66 cutting-edge electric vehicles’, along with a dedicated BMW Premium Selection showroom and Insurance Renewal Business that apparently will offers its customers ‘a premium and comprehensive electric mobility experience’.

If taking BMW at their word too, the store will be staffed by an exceptional team that will guarantee a personalised and seamless customer experience who will guide customers through its offerings. ‘In essence, the EV Charging Flagship Store is poised to be a trailblazing destination – a first of its kind in the Southeast Asian region, adding to Malaysia’s leading premium EV provider’s network of over 1,700 BMW i and MINI charging facilities across the country,’ the German automaker touts. 

And on the topic of charging facilities, this new EV Charging Flagship Store features six units of 240 kW DC Chargers and two units of 22 kW AC Chargers that is complemented by 14 parking bays. The store is planned to also be powered completely by renewable energy sources to showcase a holistic approach to sustainable luxury.

Jean-Phillipe Parain, Senior Vice President of the Sales Region in Asia-Pacific, Eastern Europe, Middle East and Africa said, “The Millennium Welt and Gentari’s EV Charging Flagship Store would be amongst the first of its kind experience concept for electric vehicles in Southeast Asia. Based on the concept of an EV charging store, the facility enables the charging of multiple vehicles at a single time with a specialised store representing the brands from the BMW Group. The facility demonstrates the Retail.Next appearance as well as services which is developed to complement the future mobility capabilities of our new products and offerings.”

Bryan Wong, Managing Director of Millennium Welt Group, added, “Today’s groundbreaking ceremony represents not only the commencement of our first EV Charging Flagship Store, but the realisation of a vision that is deeply rooted in our commitment to redefining the future of mobility. At Millennium Welt, we believe that electrification goes beyond a choice, it is a lifestyle. Through our partnership with Gentari, we are able to take a leap towards advancing the electric mobility experience by creating an immersive space where cutting-edge technology is seamlessly integrated with sustainable solutions to meet the evolving needs of our valued customers. I am thrilled about our transformative journey ahead as we continue to set the standard for a cleaner and more sustainable nation.” 

“We are pleased to do our part in levelling up the EV charging experience in Malaysia through this EV Charging Flagship Store, jointly developed with our partner, Millennium Welt. Beyond the deployment of 14 EV charging points, including high-speed 240kW and AC chargers, we are also introducing a vibrant experience hub for the enjoyment of our customers while they charge,” shared Shah Yang Razalli, Deputy CEO of Gentari & CEO of Gentari Green Mobility Sdn Bhd. 

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