Suzuki Jimny 5-Door Is Confirmed For Production And Sale

Will this latest Jimny 5-Door come to Malaysia very soon?

The Suzuki brand was re-ignited a few years ago in Malaysia with a new brand guardian, Naza Eastern and sales of the 3-door Jimny have been very encouraging.

It was first reported in late 2021 that Suzuki Japan will introduce a five-door Jimny in its home market followed by India and the rest of Asia in the coming year.

This all new Jimny 5-door was to be launched only once Suzuki Japan could better accommodate the surging demand for the 3-door Jimny.

Suzuki Jimny 5-Door

With Maruti Suzuki also producing the current 3-door Jimny it was mentioned that Maruti will build this 5-door version side by side and this will allow customers to get their Jimny deliveries soon.

Suzuki Japan was also said to be developing more variants of the standard Suzuki Jimny. The long-wheelbase version of the Jimny was scheduled to make an appearance at the cancelled 2021 Tokyo Motor Show (due to Covid-19).

Suzuki Jimny 5-Door

Here are the dimensions of the Jimny 5-door. It will be 3,850 mm long, 1,645 mm wide and 1,730 mm tall. This makes the new Jimny 5-door 300mm longer than the Jimny 3-door.

Meanwhile, there is no question that the Jimny 4×4’s desire factor with a combination of non-conformist styling, a well designed and functional cabin, plus robust engineering. This 4th-generation Jimny was and is probably the most complete Jimny ever produced.

Suzuki Jimny 5-Door

The largest all-terrain version of this niche Japanese auto manufacturer is presented, after speculation of its arrival it has just been presented in India (where it is assembled for local sales and also export) and is expected to arrive in other countries this year, 2023.

This loveable compact SUV grows to accommodate rear occupants, new entertainment system, new grill, among other details.

However, it maintains its 1.5L engine with 103hp and 99lb-foot. On our test drive with the 3-door version it delivered stronger torque at all rpm over its predecessor, with ample torque at low revolutions enhancing driving performance especially while driving off-road, where low revolution is often needed.

Suzuki Jimny 5-Door

Despite the increased displacement, it has smaller overall dimensions than the engine it replaces, with 15 percent reduced weight, contributing to enhanced fuel efficiency.

The 4-speed automatic transmission has also been redesigned to offer less friction and better fuel economy. The shift pattern has been changed from the former gate type to the straight (aligned) type to simplify operation.

There is no question that this latest Jimny is desirable on myriad fronts; the combination of nonconformist styling, a superbly crafted and functional cabin, plus robust engineering is a tribute to every Jimny that has come before it.

Jimny fans should keep a close eye on Suzuki Malaysia’s Facebook and Instagram pages or visit the Suzuki Malaysia website at for more updates.

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