Proton Preve new 2020 model leaked online

We have just seen this circulating on social media and it seems that it is the all new Proton Preve which is a Geely sedan that has been rebadged (just like the Proton X70.

The Geely sedan in question we think is the Emgrand GT. Why? well the Emgrand GT is s 4 door fastback, just like the Preve and it has very similar dimensions.

The Geely Emgrand GT uses a fastback design to give the car a dramatic and strong road presence. A muscular yet refined fastback with strong sides and a sculpted rear presence, creating an imposing figure on public roads that stands out against global competitors.

The Emgrand GT is sold in 3 engine variants and the engine we will probably get will be the 1.8 turbo direct injection in the 2020 Proton Preve.

Here below are pictures of the Geely Emgrand GT and you can see for yourself the similarities. It should sell well seeing that it carries similar powertrain and cabin features as the popular Proton X70.

Geely Emgrand GT

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