BMW unveils Lee Motors Autocare’s Kedah revamped dealership

Lee Motors Autocare has just opened the doors to its newly refurbished showroom to offer a complete BMW Malaysia Premium Ownership Experience in the Northern Region of Peninsular Malaysia.

Harald Hoelzl, Managing Director of BMW Group Malaysia said, “Our network of dealers have contributed to our success of delivering our promise of Sheer Driving Pleasure to customers across the country. To date, we have delivered over 5,000 vehicles, charting more than 6% of growth compared to the same period last year. We look forward to growing from strength to strength with dealers such as Lee Motors Autocare who continuously strives to raise the game to provide top-of-the-line service to our customers.”


Eugene Lee, Managing Director of Lee Motors Autocare said, “We have over a decade of experience in delivering Sheer Driving Pleasure in the country. We believe and take pride in pushing the BMW brand forward by providing excellent service and an enriching driving experience to our customers. With this newly refurbished space, we aim to exceed all expectations by giving our customers a fresh glimpse into the BMW brand.”

Last year, Lee Motors Autocare achieved a double-digit growth of over 30% compared to the year 2017, having delivered over 200 units of BMW vehicles. While Lee Motors Autocare has been serving the full suite of Sales, Services, Spare Parts and Systems (4S) for the BMW brand, it will now serve as a BMW Premium Selection dealership as well.

With over 20 dedicated staff members, the dealership operates in the existing 15,000 square feet facility, capable of displaying seven BMW vehicles and six BMW Premium Selection units. It now features a new Grand Klasse (GKL) sales work station in addition to the familiar BMW Customer Lounge, Isetta Bar and BMW Lifestyle merchandise counter.

Lee Motors Autocare is located at No. 86-C, Lorong Perak 18, 05150 Alor Setar, Kedah.

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