Kia Seltos Cleaved In Two After Crashing Into A Bridge

The driver of the Seltos was apparently swerving to avoid a motorcyclist when the accident occurred. 

Not too often do stories of cars being cleft in twain occur, but a Kia Seltos was recently split into two after colliding with a bridge in India recently. A crash which incidentally left three dead and two in critical condition as a result. 

Occurring on the Chhindwara-Nagpur highway on June 11th, it was reported by the local Indian press that this tragic accident was instigated when the driver of the Seltos first swerved and turned away from the road in order to avoid a motorcyclist which suddenly came from a side dirt road onto the main road. The driver of the SUV however unfortunately failed to get back on the road in time after the manoeuvre before the upcoming bridge ahead, and thus saw the Kia crashing at an angle into the wall of the bridge. 

The angle at which the Kia collision with the bridge wall unfortunately then acted as a sort of knife, which tore through both the floor and the roof to split the SUV in two. It tragically wasn’t also a neat cut too, as the impact went initially right through the B-pillar of the Seltos on the left, but ended up going through the SUV’s C-Pillar of the right. 

It therefore should sadly come as no surprise that the three rear seat occupants in the Seltos died on the spot during the collision. The front row occupants on the other hand while critically injured, nevertheless managed to survive due to the airbags and seatbelts.

Initial speculations regarding the crash initially pointed to the police and rescue personnel having used cutters in an attempt to pull out the passengers, as such a bizarre split isn’t often heard about in modern cars. The police however have since refuted these claims, stating that no rescue worker would dare to cut open the floor to save the passengers due to the fuel tank and fuel lines that run beneath a vehicle. 

On the topic of the police meanwhile, Saunsar Police Inspector RR Dubey alleges that the Seltos was speeding when the accident occurred. Regarding the motorcyclist on the other hand, Dubey presumes that the culprit should be on the run.

Now discussing further on the Seltos itself, while the latest variants of these Kia crossovers do come as standard with electronic stability control (ESC), this older Anniversary Edition model that was involved in this accident here however did not come with this essential safety tech. Perhaps if it did though, things might just have turned out differently for these 5 victims here. 

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