Isuzu Celebrates 15 Years of D-Max With The D-Max Stealth

A few trim pieces tart up this utilitarian pickup just in time for its 15th birthday. 

It may not seem like it but the Isuzu D-Max nameplate has been in existence for 15 years already. Considering that this utilitarian work horse was the only vehicle in Isuzu Malaysia’s passenger vehicle lineup until very recently, when the D-Max based MU-X SUV came along, it is a miracle that this pickup truck managed to single handedly keep Isuzu’s passenger vehicle fortunes alive for so long. 

So with that in mind, Isuzu plans to commemorate this frankly amazing achievement with the launch of this new D-Max Stealth. 

If you were looking for something totally radical in commemoration with this 15 year anniversary, you won’t be all too overwhelmed here. The D-Max Stealth is essentially a Premium Automatic D-Max with a few extra bits tacked on, but that is par for the course for a one (well, one platform) make company. 

The main feature of this limited run D-Max Stealth would probably be the retractable side steps that will make this D-Max the talk of the town in any pickup line-up. Automatically lowering and retracting when the doors open and close, and comes standard with integrated puddle lights, this feature is said to be the first of its kind offered as standard on a pickup truck (in Malaysia at least). 

Other distinguishing features of this 15th anniversary special edition would include the exclusive 18 inch alloys with a red ‘Stealth’ emblem, along with special ‘Stealth’ decals on the sides and tailgate of the D-Max. 

Furthermore, to further emphasise its stealthiness, many of the chrome trim pieces have been swapped out for black ones. These include the front grille, head light surrounds, fog lights and bumper garnish, roof rails and rear bumpers.

The D-Max Stealth also comes standard with a black sports bar, or for RM 3000 extra an upgraded bed lid that is apparently worth RM 5500. 

On the inside, the black treatment continues with the black headlining. The D-Max Stealth features also special ‘Stealth’ script embroidered into backs of the red-and black seats, while the air-vents are chromed now. Although useful to differentiate it between the normal D-Max variants, it isn’t the most stealthy of interiors.

The addition of a front and rear DVR dash-cam and front parking sensors that comes as standard with the D-Max Stealth is a nice touch to improve the usability of this large pickup truck on the roads. 

Powered by the same 1.9 litre Ddi Blue Power turbodiesel and priced at RM125,799.20, the D-Max Stealth makes a good value proposition. Especially considering it comes with a 7 year unlimited milage warranty. Only 180 of these limited editions available though, with 105 in Stallion Black Metallic and 75 in not so stealthy Silky White Pearl. 

More information can be found in the press release below: 

Isuzu Malaysia has lifted the covers off their stylish new limited-edition Isuzu D-Max named Stealth and from its bold and aggressive styling, it is anything but stealthy. The Stealth in fact arrives purposefully decked out with exclusive designs and strong features that will surely turn heads and hearts.

“Customers seeking one of the most dependable and capable pick-up trucks in the market today can now arrive in distinctive style with the new Isuzu D-Max Stealth. The stylish exterior is equally matched by striking interior designs that embolden the vehicle, offering urban drivers an elevated presence on the road,” said Chief Operating Officer of Isuzu Malaysia Masayuki Suzuki.

Based on the highly dependable and capable Isuzu D-Max 4×4 Premium Automatic model, the Stealth features the amazing new 1.9-litre Ddi Blue Power engine that has earned the admiration and accolades of critics and fans alike who acknowledge that this new Isuzu powerplant packs enough technology to revolutionize the pick-up truck market.

Available either in Stallion Black Metallic or Silky White Pearl, the Isuzu D-Max Stealth will however remain an elusive sight on Malaysian roads as only an exclusive 180 units of this truck will be produced.

Developed on a design theme of premium urban pick-up, the Isuzu D-Max Stealth gains much of its aggressive looks from liberal use of blackened components that replace the chromed parts. These include the front grille; headlamp, fog lamp and bumper garnish, roof rails and rear bumpers.

The grille features a fine silver accent line that flows across the entire front and has a matching line running through the new front spoiler, giving the D-Max Stealth a distinctive and sporty outlook. To add to its exclusivity, the Stealth models receive special two-tone designed 18-inch alloy rims with an embossed Stealth emblem while the door and tailgate have Stealth decals to further identify this as an extraordinary Isuzu D-Max. The tailgate also comes with the feather-touch assist feature, making opening and shutting the tailgate a cinch. 

The pièce de résistance in the Isuzu D-Max Stealth lies in its retractable side steps, the first of its kind offered as standard on a pick-up truck. When doors are closed, the side steps stealthily stow neatly away beneath the body, maintaining the smooth body contours of the vehicle. When any door is opened, the side step deploys to gently allow easy ingress and egress from the vehicle. An automatic welcome light below the vehicle provides further sure-footedness.

Inside the Isuzu D-Max Stealth, the first striking features are the red and black combination seats. Using a mix of premium leather and fabric, the seats have stitched Stealth logos in the leather backs for a more exclusive outlook. 

The interior of the D-Max Stealth has been accentuated with a dark grey headlining while the trim garnish are finished in piano black in keeping with the overall theme. Accenting them are the air vent knobs that have been finished in chrome.

As a premium urban truck, the Isuzu D-Max Stealth gains some valuable tools to tackle the urban jungle including a first-in-class front and rear digital video recorder (DVR). Able to record in full HD for both front and rear cameras in daylight or at night, the system automatically records onto its 32gb SD card when the engine is fired up. Using motion detectors, it can also record when the vehicle is parked if it detects movement within its 140-degree angle of view or when it senses an impact to the vehicle. The camera can then play back on the owner’s phone through Wi-Fi and the IROAD app which can be downloaded from Apple App Store of Google Play.

Another handy feature for urban drivers is another first-in-class offering, the Around View Monitor with 3D Image Guide. Using four cameras around the vehicle, the system offers ease of manoeuvering as it automatically provides a choice of bird’s eye view or 3D view when Reverse Gear is selected. Drivers can also manually activate the AVM with the push of a button on the dashboard to check surroundings for added assurance. 

Coupled to this is the additional front parking sensor that allows for easier positioning of the vehicle in tight spots. The sensors will automatically activate when the vehicle begins to move and cuts off above speeds of 25km/h. It will then reactivate when the vehicle slows to 20km/h. Drivers can also opt to shut the system off manually in situations such as when off-roading or over low hazards.

The Isuzu D-Max Stealth comes with a special 7-year unlimited mileage warranty and will be available at all authorized Isuzu showrooms nationwide from today with prices starting from RM125,799.20 (OTR without insurance) in Peninsular Malaysia, RM128,176.20 (OTR without insurance) in Sabah and RM128,220.30 (OTR without insurance) in Sarawak.

Early bird purchasers of the Isuzu D-Max Stealth (private registration only) who register their vehicles during the month of August will be further entitled to a free sports roll bar or opt to purchase a T-Lid Cover (worth RM5,500.00) for only RM2,000.00 while stocks last. For more information and other great offers, check with your nearest dealer or visit or their Facebook page

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