Power tailgate could cancel your Proton X70 5-year warranty

In the past few months we have seen many Proton X70 owners installing a power boot at various accessory shops after taking delivery of their new X70. Just like any other new SUV buyer, Proton owners are eager to improve on their new vehicle and with so many accessory shops advertising power boot installations price from RM2,100 to RM2,500, we ask Proton management if this aftermarket power boot installation will affect their warranty or not.

Well, the answer we got is, the warranty for the drivetrain remains and this is still questionable, but the electrical system warranty might be void/cancelled when an issue crops up in the next 60 months of ownership.

Why? Well the installation of the power boot (this is not an official Proton/Geely accessory) has the installer taking power from the car’s electrical system and the installer is not a certified Proton/Geely installer, your cars electric system could be in trouble after a period of time.

Please take note. Car brands which sell cars that use a start/stop ignition system to save fuel will insist you use a special car battery costing 200-300% more than the standard car battery. If you do not use the right battery your warranty will be made void/cancelled.

So, a power boot installation is more complicated over the installation of a car battery. Therefore there is a good chance your new Proton X70 warranty would be cancelled when an issue crops up and these days, electrical issues in modern car….even luxury brands is normal and frequent.

Please check with your Proton service advisor and get in writing from them if the power boot installed DOES NOT void/cancel your vehicle warranty. If not, believe in god and hope nothing happens in the next 55-60 months.

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