Infiniti QX55 Is A Sleek And Sporty Crossover-Coupe

The crossover coupe trend continues with this new Infiniti QX55. 

Considering the increasing number of coupe-crossovers on the market, sacrificing the Utility part of an SUV for the sake of style seems to be in vogue right now. The latest of which to join the party is Infiniti, who have recently taken a hacksaw to the rear quarter of its QX50 SUV, thereby create this QX55 coupe-crossover you see here. 

Then again, Infiniti does have a bit more history than most other automakers in creating these swooping-roofline SUVs. It was their FX range after all that first pioneered this sloping roof aesthetic on SUVs back in 2002. Long before the BMW X6 ever came to the market. 

Speaking of the FX, this new QX55 is touted by the automaker as its spiritual successor. With the Japanese automaker going so far as to saying that conscious efforts have been made emulating the original tapered FX roof line onto the upright QX50 body style, on which the QX55 is based. Therefore, in Infiniti’s own words, the QX55 is supposed to marks the return of the Japanese premium automaker into ‘a category it helped to create with an unapologetic style’.

On the topic of style, the QX55 does actually brings with it a lot more visual differences over the QX50 than just the swoopier roofline. These exterior changes include a larger double-arch front grille with origami-inspired mesh pattern that is flanked by standard LED headlights, not to mention a restyled front bumper with larger air intakes for a more aggressive look. 

Round the side, 20 inch alloys fill those large arches nicely and contribute to the sleek and sporty side profile of this coupe-crossover. Out back meanwhile, the subtle hint of a ducktail spoiler, the elegant rear reflector cut-outs and the relocation of the number plate to the reshaped rear bumper makes for a cleaner rear-end design. 

Though it has to be said the star of the show at the rear would have to be the digital “piano key” taillights. First featured on the QX60 Monograph design study, these elegant taillights  consisting of 45 separate LEDs in a single housing completes the design highlights of this swoopy coupe-crossover.

Stepping inside, the cabin of this Infiniti coupe-crossover is much the same as what is found within QX50. The only difference here is perhaps red-and-black colour combination that is exclusive to the QX55, that does go some way in jazzing up the cabin to match its exterior aesthetics. 

As for technology, the QX55 comes standard with Infiniti’s dual-screen, InTouch infotainment system featuring an 8-inch upper screen and a smaller 7-inch lower screen within the centre console. Wireless Apple CarPlay compatibility and multiple USB inputs for Android Auto compatibility and charging is standard too across all trim levels, though the desirable 16 speaker Bose surround sound system looks to be relegated to a box on the options list. 

Propelling this coupe-crossover is Infiniti’s Variable Compression Turbo four-cylinder, that outputs 268 hp and 280 lb-ft of torque. All this power is sent to all-four wheels through a Continuously Variable Transmission with manual shift mode. Also available too on the QX55 is a Drive Mode Selector with four programmable settings: Standard, Eco, Sport and Personal. 

The new Infiniti QX55 is set to arrive in North America in Spring 2021, with rollouts in other international markets following soon after. No word thus far however on whether this includes Malaysia or not. Seeing though as how Infiniti Malaysia has closed its dealership doors for good two years prior though, chances are it’ll probably not be offered here in any official capacity any time soon. 

PRESS RELEASE: Lights up, cameras on, and sound rolling, INFINITI today launched the all-new QX55 SUV via a one-of-a-kind streaming concert experience from Los Angeles. The INFINITI QX55 is the spiritual successor to another one-of-a-kind moment: the INFINITI FX. Like its predecessor, the QX55’s daring roofline and provocative shape are in tune with equally bold buyers; the QX55 doesn’t have something for all people — it aims to be everything to some people.

“The new INFINITI QX55 is a statement-maker, designed to deliver first-class comfort and stand out everywhere it goes. It’s a unique fusion of style and substance,” said INFINITI Chairman Peyman Kargar.

The show-stealing QX55 was unveiled by global superstar Aloe Blacc, whose music connects to INFINITI with its verve and unmistakable sound. Known for his standout hits, “The Man,” “Wake Me Up,” and “I Need A Dollar,” Blacc’s performance set the table for a new era of exciting vehicle reveals. Blacc’s performance in the iconic Belasco Theater in Los Angeles married to immersive discussions with Senior Vice President of Global Design Alfonso Albaisa and INFINITI’s General Manager, Product Strategy and Planning Eric Rigaux in Tokyo, and brand chief Kargar’s introduction to the star-studded night, produced with Live Nation.

“The all-new INFINITI QX55 is classy. It just looks sleek, and it feels like it’s quality. Ultimately, the only thing I ever want to engage with is quality. From the musicians that I pick, to the food that I eat, to the car that I drive. I like to know that something is crafted with intention and purpose and that there’s quality behind every measure of it,” Blacc said.

The QX55’s design retains all of INFINITI’s daring design hallmarks, delivering a fresh interpretation of the FX silhouette. The QX55 inserts INFINITI back into a category it helped to create with an unapologetic style. The signature double-arch grille is complemented by a stunning, origami-inspired mesh pattern that delivers visual depth and showcases modern Japanese-inspired artistry. Flanked by standard LED headlights that mimic the human eye, the QX55 announces its arrival in style.

Along the body sides, the QX55’s alluring profile has plenty to say but doesn’t speak out of turn. The elegant and flowing lines reach from the hood, over the front fenders, across the doors, and over the rear wheels. Twenty-inch wheels are standard on all QX55 models, which fill the wheel arches and assert the SUV’s dynamic presence.

The rear of the QX55 accentuates the subtlety of the automaker’s design and interpretation of Japanese minimalism by coupling an uncluttered liftgate with handsome, understated technology to deliver a lasting impression. Digital “piano key” taillights combine 45 separate LEDs in a single housing to create an elegant light signature, recently featured on the stunning QX60 Monograph design study. The INFINITI logo on the tailgate is similarly advanced and houses the power liftgate release, which further frees the rear end from clutter.

Inside, the QX55 features INFINITI’s dual-screen, InTouch infotainment system with wireless Apple CarPlay compatibility, and multiple USB inputs for Android Auto compatibility and charging. The upper 8-inch and lower 7-inch high-resolution screens inform the driver and entertain passengers with an available Bose audio system delivered through up to 16 speakers providing a concert like acoustic experience.

Leatherette, leather, or semi-aniline leather appointments for the seats adorn the QX55’s spacious interior, and its sliding second-row seats provide flexible cargo capacity or increased legroom, depending on need.

Under the hood of every QX55 is INFINITI’s award-winning and innovative Variable Compression Turbo four-cylinder engine that makes 268 horsepower and 280 pound-feet of torque. The dynamic engine imperceptibly changes its compression and displacement to deliver enhanced efficiency or on-demand power, based on the driver’s needs. That power is shifted through a confident Continuously Variable Transmission with manual shift mode and delivered to INFINITI’s Intelligent All-Wheel Drive system, which is standard on all QX55 models in the U.S. and Canada. A Drive Mode Selector empowers the driver with programmable settings (Standard, Eco, Sport and Personal) to tailor each drive.

Available in select markets globally in up to three well-equipped grades: LUXE, ESSENTIAL, and SENSORY, the all-new QX55 arrives in the U.S. and Canada in spring 2021, with other key markets to follow shortly after.

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