Hyundai’s TV advertising campaign to celebrate IONIQ’s ‘Best Hybrid’ win

Hyundai celebrates its award-winning IONIQ Hybrid model this week with a brand new TV advertising campaign.

The 30-second TVC “The Amazing Drop of Fuel” will air from 1st April and can be viewed on youtube or scroll down to watch it here.

Inspired by the news that the IONIQ has won Best Hybrid at the 2019 WhatCar? Awards for the second year in a row, the advert is a rousing look at what petrol power can do when electrified by the IONIQ’s hybrid technology.

A single drop of fuel is filmed in super slow motion as it falls through the air. After being charged with electricity mid-flight, it is able to “do more”; smashing through any object that crosses its path. Once it strikes the car beneath, the IONIQ fires into life.

Set to Strauss’ The Blue Danube, the spot is full of life and energy as well as a sense of celebration and fun, and dramatizes just how hybrid technology – the fusion of electrical and petrol power – can be more efficient and effective than petrol power alone.

The creative was developed by Innocean UK and directed by Deane Thrussell of Squire. It was shot using the super slowmo Phantom Onyx camera – the same camera used for blockbuster film Solo: A Star Wars Story. It’s capable of capturing up to 12,000 frames per second, which is 480 times slower than standard video.

Post-production was by Coffee & TV, audio production by SNK Studios, and the media was planned and executed by Havas Media.

Innocean UK turned the celebratory spot around in just under 10 weeks following the announcement that the Hyundai IONIQ had been awarded WhatCar? Best Hybrid at the end of January 2019.


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